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Battlefield 4 – Is the Hunt for Megalodon Back on with Naval Strike?

by Prima Games Staff

We all remember the hunt for Megalodon, an event that captured the attention of Battlefield 4 players for the better part of a week. Of course we know that Megalodon wasn’t in the game, as FrankieonPC thoroughly explained in the video below.

Here’s where things start to get interesting, though. Just like the Phantom Prospect assignment included in the China Rising DLC, the Phantom Trainee has recently popped up with the release of Naval Strike. So far, no one managed to solve the mystery, but good old JackFrags is on the case.

In a recent video, Jack not only found a few unique secrets on the map Nansha Strike, he also began to unravel what looks more and more like one of the most intricate Easter eggs in gaming history.

Do the Phantom Prospect and Phantom Trainee assignments tie together, forming one giant puzzle that spans more than three months and two separate DLC releases? Is the giant, prehistoric shark known as Megalodon lurking in the waters of Nansha Strike? Right now, we have a lot more questions than we do answers. What we know for sure, though, there are definitely sharks in the Naval Strike waters, we just don’t know how big they can get.

Check out Jack’s video below for proof that the Fast Attack Craft isn’t the only predator lurking in the ocean waters of Battlefield 4.

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