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Battlefield 4 Game Update Live for PS4

by Prima Games Staff

Battlefield 4 players on the PS4 have reason to rejoice. Yesterday, DICE announced that a new game update was live which addressed a large number of issues. The update weighs in at around 600MB and should install automatically if your PS4 is connected to the Internet.

Xbox One users are likely to be less impressed. The game update they were scheduled to receive on December 2nd still hasn’t arrived. DICE is now hoping to release it by the end of this week, or early next week at the latest. Xbox One players can expect fixes for issues such as the one-hit kill bug and the blur effect from the Commander EMP. 

Check out our full list of update notes for the PS4, pulled straight from the Battlelog forums. 

  • General stability fixes that should remove a large amount of the client crashes we are currently seeing on the PS4
  • Fixed the audio drop outs that could occur when playing on large maps. Typical map affected was Golmud Railway in Conquest with 64 players. Ambient sound would sometimes cut out, like sounds from players running, vehicle engines, vehicle movement and map ambient sounds
  • Removed the blur effect on soldiers that appeared when Commanders were using EMP attacks
  • Further reduced the probability of getting a corrupt save file by doing miscellaneous changes to the save file system. These include removing the save file saving again when quitting multiplayer
  • Fixed multiple crashes that could occur when bringing up the in-game Battlelog during round transition
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using the BattleScreen
  • Fixed a random crash related to destroying vehicles
  • Fixed minor destruction issues in the terrain

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