Battlefield 4 – Complete Weapon Guide

A complete breakdown of all the weapons and their functions in Battlefield 4.

Battlefield 4 will require players to engage their opponents at short, medium and long range. Situational awareness is key to choosing the right weapon for the job. You don’t want to try and pick off someone over 100 meters away with a PDW. At the same time, some weapons offer players the versatility to engage targets in any circumstance. Check out our complete guide to help you make the best decision for any engagement.

Assault Rifles

Class Availability: Assault

Full Weapon List











-ACE 23

What You Should Know

Assault rifles are the most versatile primary weapons in the game. Capable in almost any situation, they are never a bad choice if you plan to be where the action is. For medium or long range, try the SCAR-H or M16A4. If you are getting up close and personal, consider the FAMAS or AUG A3.

Personal Defense Weapons (PDW)

Class Availability: Engineer

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What You Should Know

Previously available to all classes in Battlefield 3, the PDW family is now exclusive to the Engineers. These weapons typically have a very high rate of fire, but are ineffective at medium to long range. Consider a Laser Sight to increase your hip fire accuracy.

Light Machine Guns (LMG)

Class Availability: Support

Full Weapon List

-U-100 MK5

-Type 88 LMG


-PKP Pecheneg






What You Should Know

Although there is a tendency for new players to flock to these weapons, they are not designed for running and gunning. Now the primary source of Suppression in Battlefield, these guns are designed to be fired from a strategic location. Think about using them to defend key positions on the map.

Sniper Rifles

Class Availability: Recon

Full Weapon List



-Scout Elite







What You Should Know

Being a Recon soldier takes a lot of patience, and so does mastering this class of weapons. Capable of dropping enemy soldiers at extremely long ranges, these rifles strike fear into the heart of anyone on the wrong end of their scope. With the battlefield becoming as much vertical as it was horizontal, these weapons have never been more deadly.


Class Availability: All

Full Weapon List











What You Should Know

Previously exclusive to the Engineers, these weapons are now available to all classes. Capable of being used in almost any situation, you’re sure to find one you like. One of the most dominant weapons in Battlefield 3, the M4A1 has been removed. If you think you’re good enough, try the M4 in its place.

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR)

Class Availability: All

Full Weapon List


-MK11 MOD 0




-M39 EMR

-ACE 53 SV


What You Should Know

The bridge between Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles, some of the DMR weapons will look familiar. They lack the same stopping power as full on Sniper Rifles, but offer excellent range and reload times. These are an excellent option for the rushing Recon soldier. Try low powered scopes in Team Deathmatch to see their true potential.


Class Availability: All

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What You Should Know

Fantastic in close quarters, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as tearing up a room full of enemies with a few powerful blasts from a shotgun. Pump action weapons have more stopping power than the semi automatic, so try a few out and find one that fits your game perfectly


Class Availability: All

Full Weapon List













-M412 REX

What You Should Know

All the favorites are back, including the popular .44 MAGNUM and M412 REX. There’s a new popular choice in the bunch though. The SHORTY 12G is essentially a miniature pump action-shotgun. Capable of holding three rounds, it’s best deployed in close quarters situations. However, we can see this becoming the Sidearm version of the M16A3 or M4A1 from Battlefield 3.


Class Availability: All

Full Weapon List


-V40 Mini






What You Should Know 

Battlefield 4 brought a major upgrade in the Grenade category. Rather than just the standard M67 FRAG, there is now a tool for almost any job. Notable additions are the M84 FLASHBANG and the M34 INCENDIARY grenades. Open to all classes, the choice comes down to play style and whatever the situation calls for.

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