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Battlefield 4: China Rising Available Now

by Prima Games Staff

Players received the first of five DLC packs for Battlefield 4. If you’re on the Xbox One, this is technically your second since Second Assault dropped with the launch of the console. Either way, premium members on all platforms are now able to access China Rising, which features new maps, game modes, vehicles, weapons and gadgets. 

Have a look below for a complete list of new features. 


  • Silk Road
  • Guilin Peaks
  • Dragon Pass
  • Altai Range

Game Modes

  • Air Superiority


  • Bomber
  • Dirt Bike


  • L85A2 — Assault Rifle
  • L96A1 — Sniper Rifle
  • MTAR-21 — Carbine
  • RPK-74M — Light Machine Gun
  • MP7 — Personal Defense Weapon


  • SUAV — Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle — Recon Class
  • UCAV — Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle — Support Class

China Rising Assignments

  • Safe Raiding
  • Eyes In The Sky
  • Open Fire
  • Make A Dent
  • Powder Keg
  • Need Only One
  • Mother Of All Bombs
  • Multi Talent
  • I’m Dynamite
  • Middle King

China Rising Trophies/Achievements

  • Fledgling
  • 2 Wheels
  • Mini Kamikaze
  • Death From Above
  • New Superpower

For more information on China Rising, including all the tips and strategy you need, be sure to stay close to Prima Games.

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