Do you remember the old-school game Battle Chess?  That's the version of chess where players would move around a chess board and battle it out in real time, putting a new twist on the classic game.  If you don't know what we're talking about, you better prepare yourself for Subdued Software’s little revival.

The company has kicked off a new Kickstarter program for the latest version of Battle Chess.  This one will include a number of features including online multiplayer, tutorials, achievements and a number of interactive characters and backgrounds.  The company is looking to raise $100,000 in funding.

You can donate to the company’s Kickstarter by going to this link.  As expected, Subdued Software is offering a number of perks for contributors, including digital copies of the game, a collector’s edition for those who invest over $50, t-shirts and maybe even dinner at a medieval restaurant for the team – if you have $1,000 or more lying around, that is.

Battle Chess is a cool little game from back in the day, so we’re hoping we see its revival.  Good luck, team!