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BanG Dream! Season 3 Drops January 23 2020

by Ginny Woo

Those who can’t get enough of the popular mobile rhythm game, BanG Dream!, will be pleased to know that its companion anime’s third season will be headed our way very soon. With a new teaser recently released, we can now confirm that BanG Dream! Season 3 will be out on January 23 in the new year, which isn’t far along at all.

Bang Dream Season 3 Drops January 23 2020

There’s been some chatter about BanG Dream! recently, not only because of the spin-off project involving all-male band, Argonavis, which is also due to make its game and anime debut in 2020 as reported by Anime News Network. The game and anime have both burrowed into our hearts, not just because we love following the journeys of all the different bands and their members. The whole media franchise has grown leaps and bounds since its introduction in 2017, with the newest band RAISE A SUILEN being a huge selling point of Season 3 as per the official BanG Dream! Twitter account.

With just over 2 months to go until BanG Dream! has its latest season ready for viewing, fans are going to have to get their musical hit by participating in the Memories of Christmas event that is currently running in the mobile game. It won’t take us all the way to January, but it’s definitely a start. If you’re wanting to catch up on the anime in advance of all this kerfuffle, it’s available for viewing on Crunchyroll here in all of its glory. Sentai Filmworks has licensed BanG Dream! and we aren’t expecting a change on this front when the new year rolls around. 

We’re definitely frothing for BanG Dream! Season 3’s January drop date, and you’ll catch us plowing through the Stand By You event because of best girl Uehara Himari for the next little while. Curious about some other anime news? Check out some clips:

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