When Larian Studios, the very same team that gave us Divinity: Original Sin, announced they were taking over Baldur's Gate fo a third entry into the franchise, RPG fans were more than a little excited. Being such a huge reveal and from a studio we didn't see this coming from, it's understandable that long-time fans would wonder which returning characters we'll see and thankfully, Larian was more than willing to oblige. 

Speaking with VG247, Larian head Swen Vincke talked about how they are taking a much different approach to Baldur's Gate than they have with their pun-filled Divinity series. "It's going to be somewhat darker, more serious. But serious topics work much better if there's a little bit of humor in there, and Dungeons and Dragons is about having fun at the tabletop. So that means there is going to be stuff that will make you smile." 

As for who is returning, he referred to the Rashemanian ranger Misnc and his faithful sidekick Boo. For those who don't know who Boo is, Boo is a space hamster. 


"If you look at what the Fifth Edition has done, characters like Boo and Minsc are still alive," Vincke told the site. "Bhaal and maybe a couple of other guys are still around. What's gonna happen with that? You're gonna discover when you play BG3." 

Unfortunately we don't have a release date at this time, though we do know it's not slated for a 2019 release. But honestly? We've waited so long for an official Baldur's Gate 3, I'd rather weight a little bit longer to ensure that it's done right. If anyone can, it's absolutely Larian.