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Balan Wonderworld Demo Launches on January 28

by Jesse Vitelli

For fans of Balan Wonderworld, we have good news for you! A playable demo will be available next week on January 28. If you’re unfamiliar with Balan Wonderworld, you can read the official description of the game below. 

Balan Wonderworld Demo Launches on January 28

“Balan Wonderworld is a wondrous action-platformer game themed around the mysterious Balan theatre; home to a mischievous maestro named Balan. The stars of the show will use special abilities from a multitude of characterful costumes as they adventure in the bizarre and imaginary land of Wonderworld.”

The demo features three of the twelve worlds that will be available in the full release. 

  • World 1 has playable areas from Act 1, 2, and the boss battle. 
  • World 4 has playable areas in Act 1
  • World 6 has playable areas in Act 1

All of these Worlds have different characters and costumes to find and try out.

Players will also have access to the Isle of TIms, which acts as the player’s hub world. Players will also be able to harvest magical droplets from colorful flower patches to feed to the creatures know as TIms to evolve them.

The demo seems to be filled to the brim with stuff for players to check out and is great for anyone who might be on the fence about picking up the game when it launched on March 26.

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