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Baby Yoda is Coming to Star Wars: Squadrons as Dashboard Flair

by Morgan Shaver

A bonus content update is coming to Star Wars: Squadrons that includes some iconic references to The Mandalorian. One of the most exciting additions making its way into the game is the Baby Yoda dashboard flair, although the IG-Series Assassin Droid dashboard flair is pretty rad as well. 

Baby Yoda is Coming to Star Wars: Squadrons as Dashboard Flair

On October 28, Star Wars: Squadrons players will get a free content update that adds cosmetic items to the game based off the Disney+ show The Mandalorian. The content update coincides with the return of The Mandalorian which has its Season Two launch on Disney+ starting October 30.

Not only will the content update for Star Wars: Squadrons be free, but the items themselves can all be earned in-game as there are no microtransactions in Squadrons. Want to know what Mandalorian-themed items you can get in Squadrons besides Baby Yoda? 

Here’s everything making its way into Star Wars: Squadrons as part of the October 28 content update! 

  • Razer Crest Gunship – Hanging Flair
  • Beskar Ingot – Hanging Flair
  • Mysterious Creature (Baby Yoda) – Dashboard Flair
  • IG-Series Assassin Droid – Dashboard Flair
  • Blurg – Hologram
  • Bounty – Hologram

Don’t own a copy of Star Wars: Squadrons, or are trying to convince a friend to buy the game? We have some good news! In addition to the content update, Star Wars: Squadrons will be 25% off on a number of platforms for a limited time. 

  • Origin: October 22 – November 3
  • Xbox: October 27 – November 2
  • PlayStation: October 29 – November 2
  • Epic Games Store: October 29 – November 2

The regular purchase price for Star Wars: Squadrons is $39.99 with the 25% discount bringing it down to around $29.99, saving you $10. It’s not a bad deal given the fact the game came out on October 2 and has been reviewed pretty highly, especially its multiplayer component. 

Plus, who wouldn’t want to play a Star Wars game where you can have Baby Yoda on your dashboard?  

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