It's hard to believe that Nolan Bushnell's game-changing hit Pong is actually 40 years old.  But, yep, the two-player versus paddle title has been making waves the last four decades, and it hasn't looked back.

Now looked on as one of the icons in the video game industry, Pong is making a comeback of sorts in time for its anniversary, as Atari has released a new free app for mobile devices called Pong World.  As you might expect, it takes the classic gameplay of Pong – for up to two players – and mixes things up with customized paddles, rule settings and so much more.  The fact it's free of charge doesn't hurt either.  You can download it here.

On top of a free game, Atari is also offering up the chance to win a special limited edition Xbox 360 game system, resembling an old-school Atari 2600 and complete with an attached LCD screen.  To enter, simply head over to this link and follow the rules.

Good luck, and may Pong last in our minds another 40 years!