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Astro’s Playroom Composer Talks About The Making of I’m Your GPU

by Morgan Shaver

Astro’s Playroom is charming in a number of ways from its rambunctious robot protagonist and the colorful levels they explore, to the game’s one-of-a-kind soundtrack. In regards to the soundtrack specifically, it comes courtesy of composer Kenneth Young.

If you’re curious about how songs like I’m Your GPU were made, there’s a new post on the PlayStation Blog that you need to check out!

Astro’s Playroom Composer Talks About The Making of I’m Your GPU

On the PlayStation Blog, the composer behind the phenomenal soundtrack for Astro’s Playroom, Kenneth Young, offers insight into how songs like I’m Your GPU were made. Included in the blog post are WIP tracks for the song that would ultimately become the iconic I’m Your GPU.

The first version of which is simply labeled as GPU Jungle, and the tracks span from the first version up to version six before ultimately arriving at the final version of I’m Your GPU.

Accompanying these different versions of the song are bits and pieces of information explaining the changes between them. For example, between version one and version two of GPU Jungle, Kenneth Young explains:

“The feedback from the team was that this was a little too predictable. However, it did have a catchy melody, which is something we strive for in the Astro Bot games because they are, at their heart, ‘old-skool’ platforming experiences. So, before moving on, I had a go at making it a little more “digital” or synthetic sounding.”

That text transitions to the second version and underneath that is a note about how it was closer to being the right tone for Astro, but that it still needed some tweaking.

“That certainly felt more appropriate for Astro,” Young explains. “But we were still concerned that folks unfamiliar with video game music culture might not “get it.” So, I started exploring something a little more contemporary sounding and began playing around with the idea of writing a song.”

Working through each version and reading about the creative process is honestly fascinating, especially considering how the final version fits so perfectly with the level and general charm of Astro’s Playroom.

Towards the end of the blog post, Kenneth Young remarks that not every piece of music that they write is “subject to such a circuitous or lengthy gestation period” as I’m Your GPU.

“By being the first thing that I tackled, this track had to bear the burden of finding a direction for the entire project. But I also wanted to take the opportunity to shine a light on a creative process which is so often hidden from view – composers have a tendency to discuss work through the lens of the finished product, but our ideas are rarely, if ever, born fully formed. Music direction is arrived at through a journey.”

The blog post concludes with a reminder that the official soundtrack for Astro’s Playroom will be available digitally on March 12. Included in the digital soundtrack is, of course, I’m Your GPU, along with other tracks players will recognize such as CPU Plaza, SSD, and Cooling Springs. 

For more information on the soundtrack, we recommend checking out the PlayStation Blog post from Kenneth Young to listen to the different versions of I’m Your GPU and learn about the creative process and changes that ultimately resulted in the final version that everyone knows and loves today. 

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