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Astro.ID Launches With Thousands Of Creative Color Combination Options

by Liana Ruppert

The holiday season is almost here, or maybe you’re buying for yourself. Either way, the new Astro.ID line is definitely worth taking a peek. The latest Astro initiative is a new program that tasks players all over the world with creating their unique brand of Astro A40 TR headsets. With over 46,000 possible colour combinations, it’s a pretty nifty gaming gift idea – or self-purchase – for any hardcore gamer. 

I bought myself a pair during a special demo back at PAX West and have used them ever since! I love neon – Cyberpunk for life – so the pink and lime green colour combo was perfect for me personally! I definitely recommend also purchasing the mixer because it truly does make a world of difference with the sound quality and input. Seriously, FPSs will never be the same! Check out my pair:

But it’s not just the color options available at launch. Astro has plans to add even more design choices in the future, including new colors, speak tags, themes, and seasonal goodies for gamers to enjoy. 

“Style and customization have always been important to gamers, and that understanding is a key component of ASTRO’s DNA. It’s why we developed the first ever customizable speaker tag system for gaming headsets, implemented hardware customization in the C40 Controller and software customization across our entire line of products,” said Aron Drayer, vice president of marketing ASTRO Gaming. “ASTRO.ID takes that customization to an entirely new level, removing the compromise between performance and style. The new ASTRO.ID A40 TR Headset is all about personalization, individuality and self-expression.”

To learn more, check out the incredible trailer below. You can also get your creative juices flowing right here on the Astro Gaming website: 

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