Assassin’s Creed Unity Sequence 11 – Memory 2: Rise of the Assassin – La Touche

Follow our instructions to complete one of the coolest assassinations of the campaign.


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  • Three headshots
  • Four cover kills

Assistance Opportunity – Crowd Assistance Available

Giving you exact locations on this assassination will be difficult, so instead we’re going to rely on direction of travel, as well as any landmarks that we can use to help you stay with us. For starters, almost all of your work will take place in, on the outside and on the rooftops of the buildings to the west and south of La Touche, who is in the middle of the square beheading people. You won’t really spend any time on the north or east part of the restricted area.

Start off by hopping to the rooftop to your west, moving south and crossing a rope that leads you to another. Hop to one more roof, then use your Eagle Vision to spot a Sniper who is hanging out on a second story balcony overlooking the square. When he’s not paying attention, climb into the opposite window and snap to cover behind him. When you kill him, this will complete part one of four for your cover kills challenge.

Return to the rooftops of the buildings on the west, then make your way south, sneaking up behind a Sniper who stands watch and killing him with your Hidden Blade. Nobody should spot you, and you’re then free to nail the Sniper in the nearby tower with a Phantom Blade headshot.

You should now be on the rooftop to the south of the square, and if you go to the south side of that you can drop down and onto the street. It’s here that you’ll want to snap into cover next to a door, then take out the Extremist when his patrol brings him to you. That’s cover kill number two, and you’re now free to sneak inside and kill the Brute with your Hidden Blade.

You started this assassination with 35 Extremists to deal with, and by our count you’re down to 30. Although you won’t kill them all, the odds are getting slightly better.

From the room where you killed the Brute, there will be a door that leads to the square where the beheadings take place. Head out that door, then make your way through the crowd to the left, going inside another building. Snap into cover inside the building, looking out the door that you just used to enter. When an Extremist’s patrol brings him your way, score your third cover kill.

Using your Eagle Vision will show a nearby objective that also shows up on your map in the form of a white hexagon with an exclamation mark inside of it. It will also show an Extremist patrolling the area around this objective, but if you’re careful, you sneak to it and interact with it, completing your assistance opportunity. When you’re done, sneak back  to the building on the south side of the square where you killed the Brute not too long ago.

Assassination Opportunity – Steal the Key – Open the Cell

Head back out to the street and turn to your left, walking along until your Eagle Vision spots a Brute inside an establishment on your left. The building is identifiable because there is a door with some stairs just inside of it, as well as a first story window and second story balcony. We want you to snap into cover outside the first story window, then score your final cover kill when a Seeker walks within range. With him down, sneak into the building and land a Phantom Blade headshot on the Brute from behind.

Exit the building through the window where you killed the Seeker, then turn to your left and head north, snapping into cover just along the wall of the first building you come to. A Seeker will walk out the nearby door, allowing you score yet another cover kill.

Climb up the wall right where you killed the Seeker from cover, heading to the third floor window, not the second. From there you can take out another Sniper, and although a Phantom Blade headshot looks appealing, the body might fall somewhere it can be found. Just use the cover kill here to drag this guy’s  corpse inside, then head to the window on the north side of the same room. From here (or just outside on the ledge) you can nail another Sniper in a nearby tower with a Phantom Blade headshot. That should be three of three, and both challenges complete.

Head back into the room, then out the window that you originally entered through. Drop down to the east side street level, then head south and turn right at the nearby alley. Sneak west through the alley, snapping into cover along a wooden fence that is close to your (hexagon and exclamation mark) objective. Eagle Vision will show a guard that patrols near the cage, but when he moves away, you can sneak up and strike up a conversation.

Remember the building you were just in? The one where you skipped the second floor and went straight for the third? Go back to that building, sneaking into the window on the second floor and killing the lone Extremist up there. When he’s dead, loot his body and steal the key, then head back to your position at the wood fence. When the guard walks away, walk up to it and interact to trigger a cut scene.

Assassinate La Touche

No need to tell us, we’re aware that this assassination has been a finicky one to say the least. Trust us when we tell you it’s all about to pay off.

When the cut scene ends, you need to walk behind the guards as they lead you to La Touch. As soon as you start to climb the stairs and he’s within range, end him with your Hidden Blade for one of the coolest assassinations of the game. We mean really… you walked up to the guy in the middle of a crowd, with all eyes on you, and stabbed him. Ninja Level 84 (not a thing).

Escape the Area

Unfortunately, you don’t have time to enjoy your work, as whatever is left of the 35 Extremist scum who were populating the area are now trying to kill you. Drop a Smoke Bomb (or six) at your feet, then run away and get clear of danger. When you’re once again anonymous, the memory will end.

Return to the Assassin’s Creed Unity Walkthrough, or continue to Server Bridge: 1394.

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