Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD Beginner’s Tips

Become a more efficient assassin.

After spending a good amount of time as an exclusive for the PS Vita, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation will arrive on consoles this week, complete with a high-definition makeover. Those who beat the game the first time around will definitely want to run through it again to collect the Trophies and Achievements, while newcomers will want to see just what the deadly Aveline is capable of.

Here are some beginner’s tips to help get you started in the game.

A Lady and a Killer

There are some missions that require you to be a little more discreet in your approach to situations, rather than killing everyone. For instance, when you first begin the game, you’ll need to make your way through the town dressed in the role of a lady, and then later on, as a slave making her way onto a plantation.

You can change into these outfits in closets scattered throughout the city, in case you need to quickly get out of suspicious clothes – especially if someone’s pursuing you. Make sure to keep these locations handy to get out of a jam.

In addition, try to avoid confrontation when you’re in this attire. Sometimes you’ll run into someone attempting to make an advance. Usually you can lose them, as they’re not worth the trouble.

Weapons and Kills

Over the course of the game, you’ll have access to different weapons, including knives, pistols, swords and of course, the hidden hand blades. These are useful when it comes to getting kills, especially if you sneak up behind enemies.

When it comes to combat, it helps to dual-wield weapons. Having two swords instead of one pays off when it comes to putting together Chain Kills, or defending incoming strikes and then counter-attacking. That doesn’t mean you’re useless if you only have one sword, but the more weapons, the merrier. 

Pistols are good, but can leave you vulnerable to up-close attackers. Use them to take out targets from a distance, then draw a sword or another melee weapon to deal with the opposition closest to you. You’ll want to avoid taking too much damage in a fight, because you can easily succumb to your wounds. Know what kind of battle you’re getting into and prepare for it.

Furthermore, Chain Kills can work in your favor. These allow you to take out enemies quickly and efficiently. For example, in the Governor’s Mansion in the opening mission, you may have to deal with a hallway full of thugs before making your way to your target. See where they’re coming from, counter properly and then finish them off. Do this the proper way and you’ll leave them laying, and eventually reach your final target. 

Picking Pockets

Picking pockets is a useful ability. Not only are you required to do it to get information, but it also lets you pick up some extra coin, which you can turn around to purchase goods. Just make sure that when you do it, you don’t arouse too much suspicion. Overdoing it – especially in a group of guards – could easily land you in trouble. Be discreet, and eventually you’ll master the skill and clean up as a result.

I’ve Got My Blowpipe

Finally, one of the best weapons in the game is the blowpipe. This has better accuracy than the pistol, and also far less noise. You’ll be introduced to this weapon at the start of the game, having to carefully deal with a group of guards surrounding a pair of allies on an island.

When you first use the pipe, you’ll notice it’s quite easy to use, even though it has a low capacity of darts. Thankfully, you can improve this to carry more darts. When you see the opportunity, do it and drop some cash.

The blowpipe is also incredibly useful if you wish to take the stealth route. Hitting a guard with it renders him unconscious without the ability to alert other men – something a pistol simply can’t guarantee. With this in hand, you can clear out watchmen with ease, combining it with your ground kills to clean up a fortress or otherwise occupied area in a hurry. Just make sure you have enough darts in your arsenal for the next mission.

We’ll have advanced tips for the game, including how to make additional money with shipping and purchases, later this week.

Assassin’s Creed Liberation HD will release today on PlayStation Network (for PlayStation 3), and tomorrow on Xbox Live Arcade (for Xbox 360).    

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