Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag Guide- How to Complete Sequence 04

Edward Kenway learns the meaning of stealth!

You’ll kill many people in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag. How you achieve this, of course, is up to you. In franchise tradition, we suggest using stealth whenever possible, as you’ll see in Sequence 04.

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Memory 01: This Old Cave

Oh look! You’re back in Abstergo. Follow the girl to the elevator, then head up to the head honcho’s office. Speak to him for a short time, then get back in the elevator and follow the prompts down to your floor and into your colleague’s office. Access their computer and open the tutorial.

Now instead of being an assassin, you get to be a computer hacker! Use the left analog stick to move the data down to the green line, then left or right to initiate another cut scene. With the computer successfully hacked, head back to the elevator and down to the lobby to meet the courier.

Talk to the courier, then head back to the elevator and up to your floor. Walk into your office and access the computer to get back to assassinating!

Follow James Kidd back into the jungle. After a short cut scene, it’s time to investigate the Mayan Stela! Climb to the very top to interact with the object. Continue to follow Kidd as you make your way into the mansion.

Head back out of the mansion, through the cave and return to the dock to meet up with Kidd once again and complete the mission.

Memory 02: Nothing is True…

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Knock out assassins (3)

– Loot treasure chests (4)

Head back to the trusty Jackdaw and take the wheel to begin your next mission. As soon as you get underway, you’ll need to make a trip to the captain’s cabin. Don’t forget that you can upgrade and customize your ship from the cabin as well. If you haven’t done so yet, now’s the time.

Examine the Fleet map, then head back to the wheel and on to the next location on the map. Feel free to take down naval bases or plunder ships long the way, but if you’re looking for a shorter trip, head to the closest point to the new location that you’ve already visited. You’ll be able to “fast travel” to that destination, cutting your travel time significantly.

When you arrive at the destination, the first order of business is to locate James Kidd. This island is full of assassins, and if you’re spotted, it’s gamer over. Take a look at the wall to your right. You should see a large, vertical crack. You can use that to scale the wall and reach the upper section. You’re in a restricted area again, so you’ll need to proceed with caution.

Duck into the heavy brush just ahead and move in close to the assassin. There are two assassins here, but one moves off to the right. Wait until he does, then whistle to get the attention of the remaining assassin. Knock him out when he gets close, then wait for the other assassin to approach. Use the same tactic of whistling to get his attention, then knock him out. Once again, don’t forget to loot the bodies!

Move ahead into the next portion of heavy brush. Climb the post to reach another synchronization point. Jump off and into the water, then swim just behind the next assassin. Get out of the water and wait in the brush behind the assassin until the female patrolling assassin is stationary on the far right. Whistle to get the assassin’s attention, then knock him out. This fulfills one of the optional objectives, but you’re not quite done yet. Wait until the female assassin starts walking by again, then whistle to get her attention and give her the knock out treatment.

Continue to the left and toward the location of James Kidd. Move into the next batch of brush, behind the rock and position yourself behind the assassin. Wait for the next female assassin to walk away, then take out the assassin immediately in front of you. Once again, wait for the lady to return and take her out as well. You won’t get any dates on this mission, and that’s fine. The key is not to be seen by any of the assassins.

With both assassins dead, you still can’t proceed. There are too many other assassins just waiting for you to show your face. Instead, head back to where you took out the assassins after getting out of the water. Move into the brush closest to the remaining assassin on the far right. If you’re at the edge of the brush, you can whistle to get his attention. Whistle away, then take him down when he approaches.

Run across, past the bushes and into the next set of bushes ahead. Two more assassins are standing under a tree in front of you. Do not try to engage both assassins at once. Instead, move to the edge of the brush, just before the tree. From here, you can whistle and attract the attention of only one assassin. Do your best spy impression and take him down.

Move around the back side of the tree, but remain in the brush. You’re not quite ready to be seen. Head into the next batch of brush and move close enough to the remaining assassin and whistle to get his attention. Take him down, then proceed to the first two location markers. You don’t have to worry about the assassins until you reach the second location marker.

An assassin is on patrol just around the corner. Move over to the corner and wait for him to walk to the far side. If you can’t see him visually, watch the radar instead. When he moves away, walk forward and hide in the brush on the right. Wait for him to return, then whistle when he moves within range to get his attention. Take him out, then move forward into the bushes on the left.

There are three more assassins in this general area. Now you could be all stealthy and take them out, but that’s not necessary in this situation. Instead, move as far to the left as you can while still remaining in the brush. When the closest assassin starts moving to the right to meet up with the other two, quickly run up the stairs to the left, then hide in the brush on the right at the top of the stairs.

Climb up the tree and run across the branches to the platform ahead. Continue across the trees, then drop down into the brush below on the other side. Move over to the location marker and wait in the brush by the stone entrance. When the assassin closest to you moves back towards the group, run through the entrance and hide in the brush just beyond.

As you move ahead in the brush, there’s one assassin near the stone steps. He never looks in your direction, but despite how close he is to you, he’s not close enough to hear you whistle. Guess he’s deaf in one ear. Head up the stairs and into the brush at the top. From here, you’re close enough to whistle and get his attention. Do what you do and take him down.

Head back up the stairs to find three more assassins. Wait until two move away, then hide in the brush near the remaining assassin. You’ll never guess what you’re about to do next. That’s right, wait until the two assassins are clear, then whistle and take down the assassin near the brush. Wait for the second assassin to move close and do the same to him.

The third assassin doesn’t move and doesn’t look in your direction. She’s clearly a top notch look out. Walk over to the brush just behind her and you know the drill. Whistle and take her down. Hit the chest just ahead, then move forward into the brush just behind yet another assassin. Do what you do, then run forward to jump over to the white stone just below.

Quickly run to the left onto the next path, and hide behind the stone structure. Wait for one of the assassins to move away, then hide in the brush behind the other assassin. When the first assassin is clear, whistle and go to work, then do the same to the other assassin.

Now, this is where it gets a bit tricky. Straight ahead is a series of branches that allows you to get to the stone structure ahead. However, there’s a patrolling assassin with a gun on the same structure you’re heading for. In addition, there’s another patrolling assassin just to the left of the guard who is difficult to see visually (use your radar).

You need to wait until both the gunman and the other assassin move away before you make your move. When you move, you need to be quick. The gunman has a three-point patrol and only faces your direction at one point during the patrol. Wait until he faces you, then make sure the other assassin is as north as their patrol takes them, and make a run for it. As soon as you reach the platform, there’s brush to the immediate left that you can hide in.

Wait in the brush until the coast is clear again, then head under the branch to the right and into the brush just beyond. Continue in this direction, moving from brush to brush until you climb up the small rock formation. Hide in the brush at the top and use your Eagle Vision to spot James Kidd just ahead. Walk over to James to watch another cut scene and complete the mission!

Memory 03: The Sage’s Buried Secret

Follow James Kidd until the bridge collapses. Unfortunately, you can’t bring out your best Indiana Jones impression and jump the chasm. Instead, you need to make your way to the door mechanism by climbing up the stone-like ramp on the wall to your left. Use the vine to work your way around to the other vines that protrude from the stone structure. Some of the stones will give way as you approach, but Edward won’t fall; he’s too cool for that.

Swing over to the platform to open the door, then follow Kidd once more. You’ll need to use the stone figures on the left side to reach the top of the area and continue to follow Kidd. Then it’s time to take swimming lessons and dive into the water below. You need to make it to the first air pocket, which doesn’t take much effort. You have plenty of time, so don’t worry if you’re not swimming as fast as you’d like.

After the first air pocket, follow Kidd again to reach the temple. You’ll need to climb up the temple wall, then make your way around to the left side. This time Kidd follows you as you weave left and right, making your way to the top of the temple.

When you reach the top, head up the stairs to find a puzzle. Climb up the blue stone face on the left, then move around to the other stone face further to the left. Stand on top of it to raise the blue stone face. Kidd does the same with the green face on the other side.

With the blue and green stone faces now elevated, interact with the lever in the middle to rotate the ground until the blue stone slabs are directly under the blue stone face. At this point, climb back up the stone you just stood on to raise the blue face, then move over to the blue stone face to lower it back to the ground, on top of the corresponding blue slab.

A larger stone face is revealed in the background, but you’re not done yet; that would be too easy. Rotate the ground once more, this time moving the red stone face over to the location the blue stone face once resided at. Climb the red face and scurry over to the face on the left to raise the red face, just like you did with the blue face a moment ago.

Follow the same process to rotate the ground and lower the green and red stone faces onto the corresponding color on the ground. When all three stone faces are on the ground, the larger stone face is fully revealed, rewarding you with another fabulous cut scene and completing the mission.

Memory 04: Overrun And Outnumbered

Sidebar: Optional Objectives

– Use sleep darts on guards (8)

– Use berserk darts on guards (2)

Follow Kidd again to initiate another cut scene and obtain the blowpipe weapon. Take down the guard just ahead with a sleep dart, then jump down into the cover below. There’s a patrolling guard above, so pay close attention to him and move to the next section of brush when he’s looking the other way.

When the coast is clear, head to the wall on your right and climb up to find a soldier guarding a prisoner just beyond the wall. From the top of the wall, tag the guard with a sleeping dart. Drop down and free the prisoner, then climb the wall just ahead and take out the patrolling sentry just to the left.

Head to the stone structure on the left. Lean on the wall and whistle to get the attention of one guard. Take him down, then use sleeping or berserk darts on the remaining guards here. As a general practice, use berserk darts when there are three or more guards, and sleeping darts when there are only one or two guards.

Once all of the guards are incapacitated, loot the bodies and free the prisoners (including the loan prisoner in the structure to the west). Head east to find several more guards waiting for you. Shoot three with sleeping darts and one or two with berserk darts to complete your optional objectives and incapacitate the guards ahead. When the guards are sleeping, you won’t have much time before they awake, so move quickly to free the prisoners.

There’s another guard to the left. Take him out with a sleeping dart and free the prisoners he’s guarding. Access the viewpoint just ahead, then continue to the north. There’s a guard patrolling the ramp just ahead. Take him down with a sleeping dart, then knock him out and loot the body. Two more guards are just ahead. Sleeping darts are the order of the day here, followed by a round of knock outs.

Climb the tree just to the south to find a friendly at the top. Take out the guard to the west with a sleeping dart, then head down to knock him out and free the next prisoner. Head back to the guard tower with the friendly, but don’t climb up. Instead, hide in the brush right next to it and use a berserker dart on the armed guard at the top of the tower to the south. While he’s berserk, he should shoot several of the other guards, clearing a path for you.

Head to the hut just west of your position and climb out on the tree just south of the hut. Take down any guards that still remain down below, then jump down and free the prisoner below. Climb up to the area with the guard tower and look south to find another guard tower. Use a sleeping dart to take down the guard, then quickly free the prisoners, jump down to the ground, run over to the adjacent guard tower and knock out the sleeping guard. 

There are two more guards on the ground just ahead. Take them out with sleeping darts, jump down and knock them out as well. Free the prisoners, then head south to find another patrolling guard. Hide in the brush close by and whistle to get his attention. Take him out, then use sleep darts on the guards ahead, allowing you to free the last set of prisoners and complete the mission.

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