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Asmodee Digital Publishing Ember Knights & Innchanted

by Jesse Vitelli

Today Asmodee Digital announced that it will be publishing not one, but two indie cooperative multiplayer games.

Asmodee Digital Publishing Ember Knights & Innchanted 

Innchanted, which is being developed by DragonBear Studios from Australia is a co-op adventure that involves brewing potions, cooking, and serving customers. You’re tasked with saving your Inn from an evil wizard trying to claim it for himself.

Asmoddee Digital is also publishing the game Ember Knights, which is being developed by Tiny Titans Studios. This game is also co-op but is an action multiplayer rogue-lite dungeon crawler. Combining a mixture of different weapons, magic, and combat skills, Ember Knights is sure to give you and your partners a run for your money. 

Here’s a quote from the release given to the press explaining how Ember Knights and Innchanted fit into the larger picture for Asmodee Digital.

“We’re ecstatic to be publishing these creative and colorful titles from two extremely talented studios,” said Pierre Ortolan, CEO of Asmodee Digital. “As we’re expanding our roster of titles with new worlds to explore and stories to tell, it’s only fitting that these two new games are charming co-op experiences that also encourage more players to join in and enliven the experience for everyone. As we team up with Tiny Titans Studios and DragonBear Studios, we look forward to gamers finding their own partners to bring along for their own in-game adventures. These two games reward sound and quick decision-making, their multiplayer co-op focus delivering fun and engaging experiences to share with your friends & family!”.

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