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Armored Warfare Rolls Into Early Access on PS4

by Larryn Bell

Today, the tactical tank shooter Armored Warfare rolled into Early Access on PlayStation 4. According to an announcement from publisher, players who purchased the Armored Warfare Founder’s Pack get to be among the first to roll out, starting today. Each Founder’s Pack grants a two-week head start for Early Access and includes various in-game items such as premium tanks, credits, gold, and premium time.

Armored Warfare PS4 early access launch

Armored Warfare is a free-to-play military shooter with a focus in modern ground warfare and tank combat. Players can command and collect a multitude of iconic tanks and armored vehicles, including the German Leopard and American Abrams tanks. 

Tank commanders can team up with friends for co-op missions, or duke it out in multiplayer PvP battles. Players who can’t decide between the two can opt for Global Operations mode instead, which blends both PvP and PvE gameplay elements into large-scale battles. 

Armored Warfare originally launched for PC in 2015 and has since garnered a decent following on Steam. Players who want to get in on the Early Access action on PlayStation 4 can purchase a Founder’s Pack on the Armored Warfare website.

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