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Arcade-Style WWE 2K Battlegrounds Revealed, Let’s You Toss Wrestlers to Gators

by Liana Ruppert

2K Games has revealed WWE 2K Battlegrounds, an intense new wrestling experience with a playful twist. Oh, and you can toss wrestlers into the mouth of a hungry gator because that’s a dream come true for some (apparently). What’s even more fun is that while it’s not to the hyper-realism that fans are used to, the arcade-style of Battlegrounds adds a more humorous touch … a comedy that is deliberate instead of how many hilarious glitches players can find (looking at you, WWE 2K 20)


The team behind the wrestling 2K franchise mentioned earlier this month that there won’t be a new entry this year like fans are used to but that doesn’t mean the wrestling fun has to end. WWE 2K Battlegrounds offers a roster of some of the most beloved wrestlers in the WWE, including the iconic The Rock and Becky “The Man” Lynch. Each character is made to look like a smooshed parody of how they appear in real-life, adding to the fantasy feeling that Battlegrounds offers fans. 

WWE 2K Battlegrounds is published by 2K Games but developed by Saber Interactive, the same studio that gave basketball fans NBA 2K Playgrounds. While we don’t have a specific release date at this time, the publisher did mention that they are looking at a Fall release date for Battlegrounds players to sink their teeth into. 

In addition to the new reveal, the team also noted in a press release that they wanted to address the WWE 2K series. “Next, we want to address WWE 2K20. We’ve heard and appreciate your feedback, and continue to listen to you closely,” said the company in a recent statement. “Since launch, we’ve released five title updates, addressing hundreds of reported concerns, and have released four WWE 2K20 Originals DLC expansions to build on and improve the experience. We’ve also heard your requests to keep the WWE 2K19 servers running; they will remain active for the time being.”

That being said, they are taking the Ubisoft approach. After Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed games began to take some pretty hefty reputation hits, the studio took a year off from their annual release schedule and that break ended up resulting in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, a game that many hailed as the triumphant return for the series. It looks like 2K is also taking that approach after the intense backlash the previous WWE 2K game received due to being wholly broken, half-arsed, and thrown together to be a messy hotbed of glitches, error codes, and massive disconnects. 

We’ll be learning more about the future of the WWE 2K series in the coming months, though 2K has mentioned that they have recruited quite a few names to their cause in order to bring the franchise back to where it once was and then some out of respect to players. 

You can learn more about the future of wrestling games with the full press release seen here. For now, we’re excited to learn more about WWE 2K Battlegrounds in terms of its roster, release date, and which platforms it will be made available for! 

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