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Apex Legends Devs Respond to Update Bug That Erases Progress

by Liana Ruppert

A reacent update for Respawn’s Apex Legends went live earlier today and it marks the first since the official start of the first season. Unfortunately for players currently enjoying their take on the battle royale genre, there seem to be a few issues concerning today’s patch which has resulted in numerous reports of deleted progress. The good news is that Respawn is aware of the issue and are actively working on a fix. 

The studio took to Twitter to let players know that they are aware of the problem alongside a bit of advice not to buy or craft anything until a fix is deployed: 

The team also took to the game’s subreddit to let players know there about the temporary warning as they work hard to get a fix out here shortly. Hopefully they will be ready to deploy something by today, especially with the number of reports of lost progress continuing to grow. 

As far as what else is new in the game – outside of the game-breaking bug – the team added the ability to party up with the last squad played with in an effort to improve the Quality of Life in the game, as well as more work towards squashing cheaters, adding a mute button during Legend selection, and more tweaks to the report-a-player feature. 

To learn more about what else is new with the latest update, you can see the full patch notes right here.

As for the game itself, Apex Legends is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. You can also keep it tuned in right here, we will update this piece as soon as a fix goes live.  

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