Animal Crossing: New Leaf Diary Day 8- Hitting Reset

Helping an old friend.

Rain.  That’s what I came home to.  From a weekend filled with beautiful sunshine on Tortimer Island to a downpour. No umbrella of course, but on an unrelated note, I received a letter from Curt about his July 1 birthday party.   Considering he ended with “so you’d better show up, or else,” I’ll think about it.

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From there I ran into Hans, who proved to be quite the gossip.  Turns out Biff and Goldie were spending time together drinking oolong tea.  Is there love in the tiny town of Delfino?  A villager can dream.

I’ve been obsessed with buying fortune cookies at Nookling Junction.  You can purchase one per day, then turn in the tickets to Timmy or Tommy Nook for Nintendo-themed prizes. Each cookie costs two Play Coins, and so far I’ve scored the Super Mario Bros. star, mushroom-themed wallpaper and a handful of Pikmin goodies.  Today was a Toad hat that I immediately put on.  It was either this or a pirate hat from the island, and I still haven’t earned enough medals for one of those.

As much as I didn’t want to work, now seemed like as good a time as any to propose a new project, being mayor and all.  But first, the town held a celebration to thank my efforts building a cobblestone bridge. Unfortunately, attending the event left me on the other side of town, so I had to run back to Town Hall.  Already wondering if there’s a faster way to make that happen.

Back in the mayor’s chair, it was time for my latest public works project.  I chose to put the Reset Center back in business.  Not sure if you’re aware of this or not, but series’ mainstay Mr. Resetti’s out of work in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and needs the mayor’s help. The cost is 368,000 bells. On a side note, the Reset Center is one of the few projects in the game you cannot demolish once it’s built.  First, though, I had to locate a spot, which wound up being just behind Re-Tail.  Now it’s a matter of feeding bells into Lloid the gyroid.  363,000 more to go.

Sit tight, Mr. Resetti.  Your day will come.

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