Animal Crossing: New Horizons Holiday Update Brings New Hairstyles, Save Transfer, & More

Jolly vibes.

Animal Crossing fans rejoice! It’s time for another seasonal update. Starting November 19, the jolly holiday vibes of Thanksgiving and Christmas will be coming to Animal Crossing. 

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Holiday Update Brings New Hairstyles, Save Transfer, & More

In a new trailer, which can be seen below, it outlines what players can expect to see from the latest Animal Crossing New Horizons update. 

Outside of the seasonal content, two big additions are coming to the game. First up is the ability to transfer your save to another system (finally)! Now you don’t have to worry about abandoning your island if you want to play on a different Switch now or in the future. This has been a much-requested feature since before the game even launched. 

Here is some additional information courtesy of Nintendo’s website on transferring your whole island. 

“Use this feature if you wish to transfer the entire island and all residents to a new Nintendo Switch system. The island, all progress and customizations, your animal neighbors, the island resident representative, and any other residents that have been created on the island will be transferred.

This feature is helpful if you are replacing your Nintendo Switch system with a new one and all players who have played Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be using the new Nintendo Switch system. It is also the only way to transfer your island resident representative when you have not backed up your island.

You must have access to both the original system and the new system to use this feature.”

The second addition, is, of course, new hairstyles and reactions! This will help you further express yourself to your villagers, families, and friends! Six new hairstyles and a bevy of new reactions will certainly help make your holiday time on the island much more exciting. 

The new update launches on November 19, and will feature a few new characters to meet in the plaza. The black-nosed Reindeer Jingle will task you with delivering presents to your villagers at some point closer to December. 

Franklin the Turkey will be there on November 26, to help cook a nice Thanksgiving meal for you and your villagers! Be sure to remember to tell them what you’re thankful for!

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