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Animal Crossing New Horizons 2.0 is the Final Free Update

by Lucas White

This morning, Nintendo aired its previously-promised Animal Crossing Direct. The breezy presentation came with a ton of information, starting off with next month’s free update. Bringing New Horizons up to the full next version number, Nintendo also confirmed this will be the last “major free content update,” to use Nintendo’s words.

It may be the last free update, but it’s a doozy. Several new features are coming to New Horizons, some of them updated iterations of features from previous Animal Crossing titles. For example, The Roost coffee shop is being added to the island’s museum, bringing Brewster back and letting multiple players hang out and drink coffee. Residents may also show up to hang out, or you can use amiibo cards to invite folks yourself.

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The second big add is Kapp’n, who sings a sea shanty as he transports you over to a mysterious island. This island can be a big difference from the current state of the normal island, sporting a different time of day, different season, or different plants and critters you don’t normally have access to.

The third big feature is a new shopping plaza development run by Harv and Harriet. Players can donate bells for the project’s construction, and the more bells you put in the more special stands appear. These shops include things like new hairstyles and furniture customization options previously unavailable.

The rest of the updates are a smattering of “quality of life” updates and smaller events, such as a Group Stretch activity that basically has players doing some yoga with the Joy-Con motion controls (or just buttons). New ordinances can be issued to modify things like how early the town wakes up, new storage options expand your coffers, new house customization options and the ability to fit in tight spaces, and more. There’s a lot. Gyroids! New K.K. songs! Permanent ladders! I’m tired.

This free update will arrive on November 5, 2021. It’s the last “major” free update for the game, which leads us to the Animal Crossing Direct’s other news. That needs a new page though, there’s too many words here already!


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