Rovio Mobile is moving slowly but surely on the release of its upcoming crossover game Angry Birds Star Wars, which features a slew of new levels inspired by George Lucas' mega-popular space franchise. Today, we got a first look at some of the gameplay in action.


The trailer focuses on two particular Angry Birds characters dolled up as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia, and shows what they can do in action. Apparently, the red bird (Luke) is able to swing a lightsaber when close to blocks, causing even more damage than hitting them on his own.


Meanwhile, Leia has the power of shooting lasers out of her eyes, doing damage from a distance as she descends. What's more, in the trailer, she hits an AT-AT, which then fires its cannon and does even more damage.


It's a great piece of footage, and you can watch it below. However, we can't help but wonder…how's that bird able to hold the lightsaber? He doesn't even have hands!


Angry Birds Star Wars releases November 8th for mobile platforms.


YouTube trailer: