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Angry Birds Movie Coming July 1, 2016

by Prima Games Staff

Rovio has definitely created a phenomenon with its Angry Birds franchise.  If you’re not playing the games, chances are you’re playing with the stuffed animals, eating the fruit snacks or putting together the Angry Birds Star Wars play sets.  Soon you’ll be able to watch their feature length movie.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has announced that it has won the exclusive worldwide distribution rights to an Angry Birds film, and has even announced a release date for it: July 1, 2016.  The film will be developed, produced and financed by Rovio Entertainment.  John Cohen, producer of Despicable Me, and David Maisel, executive producer of Iron Man, are already on board.

Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio Entertainment, said, “Sony impressed us with their great attitude, determination and professionalism.  They convinced us that we have found the right partners and team to help us market and distribute our first motion picture.”

“(Their) teams will be the best possible collaborators as we get set to take our franchise to the next level.”

It’s a ways off, but we’re still excited!