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Amped Up L-Star LMG Is The Best Part Of Apex Legends Season 2

by Liana Ruppert

Season 2 has officially been revealed for Apex Legends and Respawn has just updated their site with a new blog post showing off what’s on the way for the popular free-to-play battle royale game. While it sounds neat overall, the real star of Apex Legends is absolutely the L-Star LMG. 


The L-Star is a very high-damage plasma weapon that is as fast as it is damaging. The L-Star will be dropped alongside the Kraber and Mastiff in airdrop packages. According to Respawn, “The L-STAR’s unique projectiles are much larger than those fired by other weapons in Apex. Players need to lead targets more at range to compensate for the L-STAR’s slower projectiles, but on the flip side, they don’t have to aim quite as precisely to get good effect on target. 

“All this plasma-fueled power comes at a price: the L-STAR will overheat if players hold the trigger down too long. When the L-STAR overheats, its lens breaks and needs to be replaced, which takes some time. Expert players learn to feather the trigger with short/medium bursts, taking short breaks to let the weapon cool down.”

They are also adding a few new hop-ups as well: 

Disruptor Rounds

  • Increased shielded damage.
  • compatibility: Alternator, RE-45

Hammerpoint Rounds

  • Increased unshielded damage.
  • compatibility: P2020, Mozambique

New Energy Mags attachments are also on the way for the Triple Take, Devotion, and Havok. A few key weapons like the Alternator and Triple Take have also seen major buffs in addition to the Arc Star being less “spikey”: 

– Increased ignition delay from 2.5 to 2.8

– Sticking a full health player will now down them

– Players at the edge of the explosion no longer get their shields completely shredded

To learn even more about what’s on the way, you can check out the full blog post here to learn more about ammo stacks and gold weapons! The new season begins on July 2! 

Liana Ruppert

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