Today, Innersloth held an emergency meeting for Among Us that introduced a ton of new content for the game that is out right now. During the video presentation, we saw a new store for purchasing cosmetics, and some additions to gameplay mechanics.

Among Us Update Adds Roles, Cosmetic Store, Achievements, & Account Linking Right Now

First off, the store does take real money as well as an earnable in-game currency. The video showcased cosmetic items like skins, hats, visors, and nameplates for your little Among Us bean to wear.

Cosmicubes are unlockable cosmetics by completing tasks and murdering crewmates as the Impostor. The cube features special items that can be gained via free or for the paid currency. The Cosmicube features branching paths of rewards so players will have to figure out which rewards they want to earn first and go down that route.   

However, the real big piece of news for Among Us is the introduction of Roles. If you’ve played other social deductions games like Werwewolf or Mafia you’ll be familiar with roles like the Engineer, Scientist, and Guardian Angel.

For those who are, Among Us is adding new ways to interact with the game outside of just Impostor or Crewmate. The new roles can be found below.

  • Scientist: Acces Vitals at any time. Complete tasks to recharge your battery.
  • Engineer: Can use the Vents
  • Guardian Angel: Cast a protection shield around the remaining Crewmates.

The Shapeshifter role, which was previously announced, will allow the Impostor to disguise themselves into any other crewmate. 

If you play Among Us on console or PC and want to swap over for one reason or another, Innersloth also announced account linking. This will allow players to share their currency and other cosmetics on PC and console versions when the PS4 and Xbox versions launch on December 14. 

Finally, achievements are now in Among Us!

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