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Among Us Shapeshifter Ability Allows Impostor To Be Less Sus

by Jesse Vitelli

Among Us took the world by storm last year when it became a wildly successful game for streamers and influencers alike. Since then the team has put out a new map, new cosmetics, and more. Among Us is even launching on consoles soon.

Among Us Shapeshifter Ability Allows Impostor To Be Less Sus

Today, the team at Innsersloth showcased a new ability that Impostors will be able to use to further confuse and deceive crewmates. The Shapeshifter ability, which is coming in the next major update, allows the Impostor to disguise themselves at other crewmates on the map.

You can use this to implicate others and continue on your game of lies and deceit. Here’s the official description for the ability directly from the Innersloth website.

 “This Impostor can pull up a menu of all other living Crewmates in the game and select one to copy their appearance (name, colour, and cosmetics). However the shapeshifting only lasts for a limited amount of time, unless altered in the lobby settings. Crewmates can see you midway through shapeshifting if they’re within line of sight, and the shift will leave evidence behind. During meetings, the Shapeshifter will appear as their original selves.”

The ability will be able to be customized in the lobby settings. You can increase or decrease the probability of the impostor having the ability, or turn it off completely if you don’t want to deal with it. You can also change the duration of how long it lasts as well as if shapeshifting leaves behind a clue for other players to discover if it happened at all. 

This is just one part of a much larger update that Innersloth has yet to announce the official date for. Hopefully, we will learn more soon. 

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