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Amazon Prime Day 2020 Dates Revealed

by Morgan Shaver

Due to COVID, a number of things have been thrown off course, including Amazon Prime Day. The 48-hour sale typically happens earlier in the year, with last year’s taking place in July.

This year, Amazon Prime Day will take place a month before Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It may be tempting to wait, but it’s also tempting to take care of some holiday shopping sooner rather than later.

Amazon Prime Day 2020 Dates Revealed

Amazon Prime Day 2020 is scheduled to take place on October 13 and October 14. During that time, you’ll find a wealth of deals and discounts on all sorts of items on Amazon including gaming items. 

If you need to renew your PS Plus subscription or you have someone in the family who’s asking for a Nintendo Switch for Christmas, Amazon Prime Day may be the perfect opportunity to cross certain items off your shopping list and save money at the same time. 

It depends on the deals that’ll be available. Last year, there were a number of deals for video games, gaming accessories like controllers, and peripherals like headphones and streaming gear. 

You may want to purchase other items as well, like a new TV that’ll help you make the most out of each next-gen console’s visual performance capabilities. Be wary of older 4K TVs on sale during Amazon Prime Day, though. 

You may see something that’s a good deal, but it’s an older model. You’ll feel awful if you then see the newer model on sale for Black Friday close to the same price you paid for the older model.

We recommend taking your time before diving into Amazon Prime Day. Do your research and put together a list of items that you’re interested in purchasing.  

Don’t shop based solely on what the site recommends, but on key items that you search for instead. It’ll help you make the best purchasing decision possible. If you want to do a little price comparison and see the lowest price an item has ever been at, you can use sites like CamelCamelCamel

Using the PS4 controller as an example item, the site shows the lowest price it’s ever been is $38.99 on November 24, 2019, slightly ahead of Black Friday.

It stands to reason we’ll see similar (if not better) deals this year on various gaming accessories. 

If you’re wondering whether it’s worth it to shop Amazon Prime Day at all this year given its close proximity Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the short answer is that yes, it’s worth keeping on your radar. 

In some regards, holding out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday may not be prudent as more people will be buying gifts online this year than in previous years leading to items selling out faster, and there will be more instances of shipping delays.

Getting your shopping done early can help you avoid frustration and stress as you’ll have the items in your home and can tuck them away somewhere, like in a closet, until the time comes to gift them. 

Again, Amazon Prime Day is scheduled to take place this year on October 13 and October 14. Be sure to check back as we’ll be putting together deal guides when the sale is live! 

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