The Amazing Spider-Man made a swinging impact last summer on consoles when Activision released a swell video game adaptation to go along with Sony's blockbuster film.  But now Wii U owners will get a shot of Spidey goodness, as The Amazing Spider-Man: Ultimate Edition will make its way to the system this March.

The game will feature all of the high-impact swinging of the original game, through an interactive version of New York City.  Players can complete story and secondary missions, thus opening up the city with even more tasks and challenges.

In addition, the game will come with the post-release downloadable content right on the disc as well, including the Stan Lee specific chapters of the game, as well as Rhino Rampage, a fun mini-game where you run through city streets with the diabolical villain.  It's like Frogger, except you crush the cars, instead of the cars crushing you.

Other extras, like player skins, could be in the game as well, though Activision didn't confirm those details just yet.  We'll have a follow-up preview in the weeks ahead.