In the year 2048, the Earth has been savagely overrun. The Votan, the collective name used for aliens, have taken residence on Earth after their own solar systems were destroyed. Only the archway stands in what use to be St. Louis. Now renamed Defiance, it serve as a United Nations of alien species. In order to prepare you for the world of Defiance, we have gathered information on a few of the alien species that you will encounter. Prepare to enter the world of Defiance.


The Castithan species is a powerful race of aliens that have taken residence in Defiance. They appear almost human like, but are much paler having almost white skin and very light eyes. The Castithan were born on a planet called Daribo before colonizing another planet called Casti.

The Castithans view themselves as the most importance species in any universe, making them the most arrogant species of the Votan. This puts them at odds with the Indogene. In their society, they believed in a class system and separate their people by it. The females of this race are expected to be submissive to their male counterparts. Their religion, Shirivanawo, is very important to them and violation of their religious practices results in persecution. It is believed that this race hold the true power of the Votan Collective.


The Indogene place science above everything. This puts them in constant opposition with the Castithan. The Indogene have pale white skin with hexagonal patterns. They also have no hair growth. The Indogene also have various genetic and technological imprints that are specificly tailored to the occupation they choose.

The Indogene and Castithan were born on the same planet, Daribo, which explains their similarities in appearance. The Indogene were the first to discover the destruction of the Votanis System hundreds of years before it happened. The Indogene began to build the Arks and assemble the best of their race to board the Arks and survive.


The Irathient are the most common race of Votan living on Earth. The Irathient are a proud race that values nature over science. Thy have reddish skin and hair. They are naturals in combat and appear feral by others due to their aggression and animal like athletic ability.

The Irathient religion is broken doawn into three different parts of the body. The Gyabire represent the intellect of the brain, the Gyagbe represent the vitality of the heart, and the Gyargye represents the emotions. This separation has lead them to form tribes. The race has adapted the best to Earth and is in opposition with the Castithan yet have an alliance with the Sensoth and Liberata.


The Sensoth are very large and intimidating. They have large amounts of hair on their faces and live much longer than any other Voltan species. Their long life span causes them to live at a reduced pace compared to other Voltan species.

The Sensoth are very welcoming to all races, and work well with the Humans on earth. The race always prefers to plan things out, even their jokes, which has allowed them to live for so long. The Sensoth evolved on the planet Irath and were forest dwellers. The Castithan race invaded their lands and enslaved many members of the species. Some of the Sensoth travelled to Earth in the Ark, still forced into service to the Castithan.


The most humble of all the Votan Collective, the Liberata are a seemingly peaceful and serving race. Liberata are very short and normally have large amounts of hair on their head and face, smilar to the Sensoth.

The Liberata once believed in war and destruction. The Liberta now believe in peace and servitude. The Liberata accept their place of service among the Votan Collective due to the atrocities committed by their ancestors. They believe that in being generous, it will make up for the death caused by their war-focused ancestors.

You are now armed with a bit more knowledge of the different species in the Votan Collective. There is even more alien species to learn about in the world of Defiance. Join the hunt, raid the arks, and discover more about the new Earth that we all now inhabit.