If you watch Cartoon Network, you’ve no doubt caught a fun little gem of a show called Adventure Time, featuring a fun-loving human and a dog that go on a series of, well, adventures.  Well, there’s a game in the works as well for the Nintendo 3DS, and Adventure Time: Hey Ice King!  Why’d You Steal Our Garbage?! sounds quite promising.

Don’t believe us?  We’ve lifted these details straight from the press release.  Just read these fantastical descriptions!

Play as Algebraic Heroes Finn and Jake – Fans will punch, slash and pick up foes as Finn and Jake as they go on righteous hero quests through the Land of Ooo, while also using Jake’s magical stretchy powers.

Action-Adventure to the MAX – The game will consist of action-adventure gameplay with light role-playing game (RPG) elements which will allow players to level up their speed, strength, health and attacks.

Creative Involvement with Adventure Time Mastermind – Pendleton Ward, Adventure Time creator, wrote the original story for the game. The Ice King has gone way too far this time and has stolen Finn and Jake's trash and constructs a Garbage Princess. Help them teach Ice King a lesson!

Featuring Adventure Time Favorites – The game keeps it real like the show, with the unique humor, randomness, storyline and characters that includes Ice King, Princess BubbleGum, Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess, Tree Trunks and many more!

Rad Environments Galore – Explore various dungeons within the Land of Ooo to punch monsters, gather loot and discover pickups that enhance Finn’s battle moves. Locales of Ooo include Finn and Jake’s Treehouse, Candy Kingdom, Ice Kingdom, Lumpy Space and more.

Kick Digital Bootays – Fight against some of the raddest villains and enemies ever seen in the Land of Ooo: Bunnies with weapons, Hammer Turtles, Evil signposts, Donny, and the Giant Worm King.

Sweet, Sweet Music – Defeat the dungeon bosses and collect mathematical songs that give the player awesome Jake transforming abilities including Stretch Bridge Jake, Huge Heavy Jake, Giant Leggy Jake, Tiny Jake and Boat Jake.

Look for the game later this year.  We’ll have an adventure-filled preview for you soon!