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Additional Game Packs Coming to Neo Geo X Starting Next Week

by Prima Games Staff

When SNK introduced its Neo Geo X handheld/gaming console last year, part of its initiative was to not only celebrate the heritage of SNK’s classic arcade system, but to also expand on it with game pack releases.  We had yet to see when these extra packs would arrive… until now.

SNK has confirmed that it will begin releasing new packs for the Neo Geo X starting next week.  The packs will retail for $25 apiece and come with three games per pack, and you can also pick up a Mega Pack for $80 that will include all 15 games in one shot.

These packs are as follows…

  • Volume 1: Sengoku, Metal Slug 2, Top Hunter
  • Volume 2: Samurai Shodown 3, Savage Reign, Super Sidekicks 3
  • Volume 3: The King of Fighters ’96, Blazing Star, Kizuna Encounter
  • Volume 4: Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Shock Troopers, World Heroes 2 Jet
  • Volume 5: The Last Blade, Blue’s Journey, Art of Fighting 3

The packs will go on sale June 6th.  You can pre-order them here through Amazon.  (And don’t forget to grab yourself a Neo Geo X limited edition system as well!)

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