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Achievement Hunter: Looking Back At THQ’s Best Achievements

We reflect on the company's finer releases from the past couple of years, and some of their better Achievements.
This article is over 11 years old and may contain outdated information

It’s sad to see that THQ is no longer part of the gaming industry, having been scuttled and broken apart by bankruptcy.  But there’s no question that its legacy remains intact, with a number of great games released over the past few years, as well as the company’s latest projects, like South Park: The Stick of Truth and Metro: Last Light, still coming this year from other publishers.

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For our latest Achievement Hunter, we’ve decided to go the extra mile and pay tribute to THQ by looking at four of its more popular games from the past few years, and noting some of the best Achievements from them.

Let’s get started with an arcade-style wrestling classic, WWE All Stars.

Now, for this game, there are a number of easily earnable Achievements, most of which coming from winning a certain style of match or completing the Fantasy Warfare campaign with a Superstar or a Legend.  But there are a few high-valued ones out there, as well as some Secret Achievements.  Here are the better ones…

Main Eventer (50 points) – Win 50 Xbox Live matches.  (The servers are still live, so it can still be done.)

You Can’t See Me! (50 points) – Win 10 consecutive Xbox Live matches.

He’s Got a Chair! (20 points) – Land at least 10 successful strikes with an object in a single match.

The Champ Is Here! (50 points) – Completed all three Path of Champions as John Cena.

Mid-Carder (25 points) – Win 25 Xbox Live matches.

The Bottom Line (50 points) – Defeat the entire WWE All Stars Roster with a single created Superstar.  (This could take some time, so be ready.)

The King of Kings (50 points) – Defeat the entire WWE All Stars roster as Triple H.

The Ultimate Achievement (75 points) – Here’s the big one.  To earn this Achievement, defeat the entire roster and all three Path of Champions as the Ultimate Warrior.

And now, for the Secret Achievements…

Winner By Default (10 points) – Win an Xbox Live match due to opponent’s disqualification.

Attitude Problem (10 points) – Get disqualified in three consecutive matches.

Booyaka Booyaka (10 points) – Defeat Andre the Giant and Big Show in a Handicap match as Rey Mysterio.  (Might want to lower the difficulty for this one.)

I’m Your Papi! (10 points) – Defeat Rey Mysterio in a Steel Cage match as Eddie Guerrero.

The Pride of Scotland (10 points) – Win a Tornado Tag Team match as Roddy Piper and Drew McIntyre.

Next up, here are some of the better higher ranking Achievements from 2012’s hit sequel Darksiders II

Abracadabra (30 points) – Open all Death Tombs.

Is There Anyone Else? (30 points) – Complete The Crucible.

Respec Yourself (20 points) – Earn your first Respec.

Bravo Old Chap (20 points) – Defeat Wicked K.

Grim Reaping (30 points) – Unlock Reaper Form.

The Secondary Adventure (50 points) – Complete all Secondary Quests.

A True Horseman (90 points) – Complete the game on Apocalyptic difficulty.

Four My Brother (90 points) – Complete the game on Normal difficulty.

A Stroll In the Demonic Park (30 points) – Complete the game on any difficulty setting.

Next up, who remember the irreverent – and hilarious – trivia game You Don’t Know Jack?  We sure do, and here now are some of the better Achievements you can earn in the game…

Back Taxes (40 points) – Win all the prizes in Episodes 1-73.

500,000aire! (25 points) – Earn $500,000 lifetime.

DisOrDash (30 points) – Nail a round of DisOrDat in under 10 seconds.

Jack Attack Dog (50 points) – Get all 7 Jack Attack questions correct in a multiplayer game without messing up.

Beast Master (40 points) – Get 10 animal questions correct (not including DLC).

Film In Your Brain (40 points) – get 10 movie questions right (not including DLC).

Vidiot Savant (50 points) – Get every question right in an episode.

One Test Short of an Udder (40 points) – Achieve the second-highest rating.

Unicorn (50 points) – Achieve the highest gamer rating.

Mouth-Breather (30 points) – Achieve the third-highest rating.

Phatty (40 points) – Get 10 food questions correct (not including DLC).

Living In the Past (40 points) – Get 10 history questions right (not including DLC).

Slack Attack (37 points) – Get $1 million on a Jack Attack.

Beat a Winner (40 points) – Beat someone with a rating of Unicorn on Xbox Live.

Perfect Attendance (73 points) – Play episodes 1-73.

Finally, let’s look back at one of THQ’s rowdiest – and most entertaining games, the third-person action/adventure Saints Row: The Third.  This one has Achievements aplenty, and here are some of the better ones…

Bright Lights, Big City (80 points)- Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the entire city of Steelport.

Third and 30 (40 points) – Spend over 30 hours in Steelport.  (Most of you probably have this already.)

Haters Gonna Hate (15 points) – Kill 1000 gang members.

Gellin’ Like Magellan (20 points) – Explore every hood in Steelport.

Love/Hate Relationship (10 points) – Taunt and/or compliment 50 gang members.  (Though, really, taunt works better.)

Bo-Duke-En (10 points) – Hijack 50 vehicles jumping in through the window.

You’re My Hero! (30 points) Complete All Challenges.

Life of the Party (20 points) – Locate 100 percent of the Collectibles.

Have a Reality Climax (20 points) – Complete all instances of Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax.

Tank You Very Much (20 points) – Complete all instances of tank Mayhem.

Go Into the Light (20 points) – Complete all instances of Guardian Angel.

Porkchop Sandwiches (20 points) – Complete all instances of Trail Blazing.

Double Dose of Pimping (20 points) – Complete all instances of Snatch.

Your Backseat Smells Funny (20 points) – Complete all instances of Escort.

Fence Killa 2011 (20 points) – Complete all instances of Mayhem.

Tune In, Drop Off (20 points) – Complete all instances of Trafficking

Ouch. (20 points) – Complete all instances of Insurance Fraud.

Murderbrawl 31 (25 points) – Complete Murderball XXXI.

Once Bitten…Braaaaaaaains (25 points) – Complete Zombie Attack.

Cat On a Hot Tin Roof (10 points) – Kill all of the rooftop mascots in a single instance of San Panda Skyblazing.

Flame On (10 points) – Fly through all the rings in a single instance of San Panda Skyblazing.

Feeding Time (10 points) – Throw five mascots into the water in a single instance of Apocalypse Genki.

Thanks, THQ!

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