After being officially announced several months ago before E3, PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale has finally been released for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, enabling you to fight with your friends and foes alike, either online or locally. It's truly a multiplayer fighting treat, although you can play through the Arcade Mode against AI players as well.

The latest Achievement Hunter looks at all the bronze, silver and gold Trophies you can add to your collection, as well as another Platinum that you can happily call your own. Take our tips well and come out fighting!

Perform a Level 3 Super With Characters On Particular Stages

One of the easiest ways to rack up bronze trophies in PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale is to perform a Level 3 super, a powerful attack that is capable of wiping away most, if not all, of the opposition. For instance, Heihachi's level 3 super straps all the characters to a rocket and automatically "kills" them for points, while Kratos wields a powerful blade that wipes out anyone it touches.

But the trick is this – you earn the trophy for each character depending on where you do it. So, for instance, if you're on Sly Cooper's Paris stage, naturally you'll need to unleash his level 3 Super to earn the trophy, and scoring a Level 3 Super on the planes in the Stowaway stage with Nathan Drake will do so as well. There are 14 in all, listed below…

Big Daddy- Columbia stage

Cole/Evil Cole- Alden's Tower stage

Sly Cooper- Paris stage

Ratchet- Metropolis stage

Sackboy- Dreamscape stage

Sweet Tooth- Black Rock Stadium stage

Ratchet- San Francisco stage

PaRappa- Dojo stage

Raiden- Franzea stage

Spike- Time Station stage

Jak- Sandover Village stage

Nathan Drake- Stowaways stage

Radec- Invasion stage

Kratos- Hades stage

Each stage will have a proper introduction before it starts, so you can get familiar with each one and choose your character accordingly. It probably works best in multiplayer, where opponents can choose their stage before they start.

Complete Arcade Mode Trophies

These are probably the simplest Bronze Trophies to earn in the game. To unlock them, you simply need to complete the Arcade Mode and defeat the "Sony Man" awaiting at the end of the game with each character. You'll see the Trophies pop up once you see the end sequence for said character. There are some battles you'll need to go through in the meantime, as well as a chief rival to face off against, but the Trophies definitely stack up. What's more, you can unlock them separately in both the PS3 and PS Vita games. Double your pleasure!

Competitive Trophies

If you want to clean up on some of the Silver Trophies in the game, simply enter an online match. There are plenty here to unlock, including This Is Living, which awards you for making it through a match-made online game without dying; Victorious!, where you get a Silver just for winning an online match; 3X Overtime!!, which you unlock by hitting 3x AP Overtime (multiple hits and a streak); Triple Kill!, where you achieve a triple kill with one super on all opponents; and Team Sweeper, where you earn a double kill in a 2v2 match-made online game.

Other Bronze Trophies are available as well, including First Blood, where you earn a kill in a match-made online game; Tournament Fighter, where you complete an online Ranked Match; Friendly Competition, which you're awarded by simply completing a versus match against an online player; and Enter Overtime!, where you have a tie and have to battle in sudden death.

Practice Mode

Practice Mode harbors a number of Trophies as well, including Combo King (Bronze) for nailing a 50+ AP Combo, and Combo Virtuoso (Silver) for clearing 70+ hits. You can also earn Bronze Trophies merely for completing the Combat Trial, Basic Tutorial and Combo Tutorial. And if you feel like showing off your minion, you'll earn a Trophy for that as well (Bronze).

Get In Your Supers To Clean Up

If you want to get some quick Trophies (including a Gold one!), then you'll want to master how you hit your Super attacks. Performing your first general Level 3 Super Attack will net you a Bronze Trophy; earning a Double Kill with a simple Level 1 attack will gain you a Silver Trophy; and, to snag the Gold one, you simply need to hit all three combatants with a Level 1 Super – which isn't impossible, as some of them have very good range.

The Stuff of Legend

Two more Trophies to go – and they'll put you to the test. The first is Complete Arcade Mode on Legend, but that's the highest difficulty in the game, and these combatants will certainly put up a fight as you do so. Even the Sony drones in the final stage are ruthless.

Once you get that and the others, in comes the Platinum, which is awarded after doing everything. In fact, that's what it's named: "You've Only Done Everything – All-Star Legend". (A nice little nod to Sony's "It only does everything" campaign for the PS3.)

And that's it! There are a few easy Trophies to earn, some tough ones, and plenty of challenge. But don't forget that the fighting itself is a whole lot of fun. Grab your friends and get to brawlin'!

PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale is available now for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.