Even though they’re in a not-so-likable financial situation, 38 Studios is apparently pushing forward with its next project.  The makers of the hit role-playing adventure Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning are hard at work on their next project, an MMO tentatively-titled Project Copernicus, and it’s set to release sometime during June 2013.

Now here’s the fun part.  The announcement was made at a 38 Studios-related press conference and it was made by none other than Rhode Island governor Lincoln Chafee rather than a rep with the 38 Studios company.  “What I understand is Copernicus is June of ’13,” said Chafee.

Considering all the legal troubles surrounding 38 Studios and the state of Rhode Island, we’re not sure if the game will see the light of day.  The company still owes substantial money for a loan given to them to open the studio, and they couldn’t even afford to recently pay their employees.  They’re currently working on securing private capital but nothing yet.  On the bright side, they did successfully make a $1.125 million payment to the state recently.

Here’s hoping info on Copernicus surfaces sooner rather than later…