James Bond may not have been involved with video games as long as he’s been saving the world in movies, but he’s starred in several memorable games over the years.  Our personal favorite happens to be Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64, considered to be one of the greatest movie-licensed games ever produced.  

Last year, Activision revisited that classic experience for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with Goldeneye: Reloaded, a game that was a modest hit with its online options (many of which were dedicated to the original game) and a new storyline featuring the current Bond, Daniel Craig, replacing that film’s model, Pierce Brosnan.  It was a decent transition, but fans are probably wondering what Activision is working on next with Craig’s next outing, Skyfall, due in theaters this November.

Now we know.  On October 16, Activision, with the help of the developers at Eurocom (the same team behind Reloaded and the original Goldeneye on Wii), will release 007 Legends.  But instead of being based on an earlier game experience, it will instead stem from six films in the Bond legacy, starting way back in his heyday in the 60’s and eventually getting to the newest release, Skyfall, which a certain part of the game will be based upon.

You’ll play as one main character – Daniel Craig’s Bond – through these six chapters, and Skyfall will come at the conclusion, with events that could possibly spoil the upcoming film release.  But don’t worry, there are plenty of Bond memories that will emerge from the game through other films, including the classic 1979 sci-fi-oriented Moonraker and the 60’s release On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.  Bruce Feirstein, a veteran Bond scribe who wrote the original Goldeneye film, along with Tomorrow Never Dies and The World Is Not Enough, is crafting the story around these film missions that will tie together into one whopping Bond adventure.  

As far as the other three films that have yet to be unveiled… Activision isn’t talking yet, but don’t be surprised if we see something else out of the Connery era, like Dr. No, along with a couple of Roger Moore-based films.  All based around Craig, of course.

It sounds confusing, but the way that the game is coming together really does make for an interesting Bond experience.  The gameplay will be inspired by the previous Goldeneye games, using a first-person shooting perspective as you use a handful of special weapons, including your classic PPK and a variety of assault rifles.  In addition, since he’s Bond, you’ll also have your hands full with a certain number of gadgets, though Activision wasn’t ready to reveal just what will be in your possession throughout the game.  Here’s hoping for an awesome laser watch.

We did get a peek at one of the missions in the game, based on Moonraker.  You fight alongside a specifically clad female agent (she’s wearing something right out of No One Lives Forever, all orange and white), taking down enemy agents while eventually running into Jaws.  This classic Bond villain, played by Richard Kiel, features a set of huge metal chompers and is immense in size, making him hard to bring down, even with a few key shots.  For good measure, to add authenticity to the final game, Activision actually hired on Kiel to use his likeness and voice within parts of the mission.  (Other actors have signed onto the project as well, including Michael Lonsdale as Hugo Drax (also from Moonraker) and the pair of Naomie Harris and Rory Kinnear from the upcoming Skyfall.  Craig, in traditional fashion, will also be returning as the model and voice for the Bond character.

Eurocom has done a great job so far recreating the classic Bond vibe from previous films, while also making sure Craig’s Bond character felt like a vital part of it, rather than an outcast being injected at the last second.  We’re also pleased to hear that multiplayer will be making a return in some capacity into the final game, though we’re not sure if it’ll be set up like Goldeneye Reloaded, or perhaps with something new, specifically built for these missions.  How awesome would it be, for instance, if the Moonraker multiplayer had moments when gravity was knocked out completely?

One thing we do know, however, is that the game will feature a level-up system, so Bond can actually improve over the course of the game.  Judging by how crazy the final Skyfall mission might get, he’ll need whatever skills he can muster.

It’d be great to see more of 007 Legends before the game’s release, as well as get an idea what other movies we’ll be seeing thrown into the finished game.  For now, though, there’s definitely enough action here to leave us shaken and stirred.  Look for the game in just under three months’ time.