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Top 10 Cutest Shiny Pokémon Perfect for Valentine’s Day

I choose you, Valentine!

There are a lot of cute shiny Pokémon out there. Here’s our list of the top 10 cutest shiny Pokémon that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

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Cutest Shiny Pokémon Honorary Mention: Unovan and Hisuian Lilligant

The pastel colors of shiny Lilligant are quite lovely. The normally orange flower becoming pink stands out as the shiny’s defining feature. What makes Lilligant’s shiny even more interesting is how shiny Hisuian Lilligant goes back to basics and uses Unovan Lilligant’s regular colors. In the end, all of Lilligant’s color schemes are special in some way.

Cutest Shiny Pokémon Honorary Mention: Hatterene

The punchier pink and soft purple of shiny Hatterene may seem subtle compared to its regular colors, but they stand out side-by-side. Any member of the shiny Hatterene evolutionary family makes for a great Valentine’s Day-themed choice in any team or as a trade gift. Pair it with a cute hat so the gift receiver can match their new Pokémon.

Cutest Shiny Pokémon Honorary Mention: Furret

Shiny Furret is a cute classic. Its bright pink stripes are a pleasant shade rather than too bright, and its lighter, off-white stripes lean ever so slightly into pink territory as well. Shiny Sentret is a nice color, too, but it’s a bit less appropriate for Valentine’s Day unless your Valentine is Midas, although in that case a shiny Furret would work all the same.

Cutest Shiny Pokémon Honorary Mention: Pawmi, Pawmo, and Pawmot

In honor of Valentine’s Day being on the 14th—and the fact that there are just so many cute shiny Pokémon—we have a fourth honorary mention, and that’s the Pawmi line. Every member of the Pawmi evolutionary line is an adorable shade of pink with bright blue inner ear fur and a pop of yellow on their cheeks. The only thing placing these cuties in Honorary Mention territory is that Pawmo’s pink is more pastel than the others’. They’re all very cute, but it’s surprising that they don’t match despite all being pink. If you plan on trading someone a Pokémon from this evolutionary line for Valentine’s Day, be prepared to gift them one of each for completionist purposes.

Cutest Shiny Pokémon #10: Buneary and Lopunny

Buneary and Lopunny are cute Pokémon with cute shinies. The darker brown fur on their bodies lets the pink accents pop, and gives the color scheme as a whole a feeling reminiscent of Valentine’s Day chocolates. No one would ever object to receiving one or both of these Pokémon in a trade on Valentine’s Day—or at any time of the year. The equally as cute Mega Lopunny also deserves a mention, even if you can only get it in Pokémon GO any more.

Cutest Shiny Pokémon #9: Jumpluff

Jumpluff’s shiny is incredibly cute on its own. Rather than a uniform pink, its body is a more intense color, while its cotton puffs are much lighter. This depth is just one enjoyable aspect of the color scheme, however. Jumpluff’s shiny colors are taken from Hoppip’s regular colors, with tiny green leaves to match Hoppip’s. Hoppip’s own shiny is green to match Skiploom, although its leaves unfortunately don’t change to match its yellow flower. Shiny Skiploom’s flower doesn’t change color, either, making shiny Jumpluff’s pink cotton, compared to the usual off-white, really special indeed.

Cutest Shiny Pokémon #8: Ducklett

Ducklett is a pleasant little Pokémon with an absolutely wonderful shiny coloration. The shades of pink and purple match perfectly, making for a cornucopia of cuteness. Its evolution’s shiny is fine on its own, but it loses the pink plumage that helps Ducklett stand out from the crowd. For Valentine’s Day, opt for a shiny Ducklett over a shiny Swan.

Cutest Shiny Pokémon #7: Gossifleur

Gossifleur has a rather underrated shiny. The soft pastel silver and green colors are beautiful and delightfully accented by its large, pink flower. Shiny Eldegoss kind of has a Valentine vibe to it, with its strong red tones, but it still falls more into the “elegant” category rather than “cute” like Gossifleur’s shiny.

Cutest Shiny Pokémon #6: Espurr

Espurr is already precious enough as it is. Its shiny coloration elevates that innate cuteness to nigh unfathomable levels. Shiny Espurr is a delicate shade of pink that has an especially powerful appeal compared to the brighter, in your face shades of pink out there. Gaze into Espurr’s all seeing eyes and gain a deeper understanding of the universe this Valentine’s Day.

Cutest Shiny Pokémon #5: Cutiefly and Ribombee

Depending on your experiences, it can be hard to remember just how cute bees really are. Thankfully, shiny Cutiefly and Ribombee can serve as a perfect reminder. Their soft pinks are perfect for Valentine’s Day, and Ribombee’s stylish red scarf makes a big statement. Who, besides a calendar, says World Bee Day and Valentine’s Day can’t overlap?

Cutest Shiny Pokémon #4: Deerling

A cute shiny color scheme works best on an already cute Pokémon, and Deerling is up there as one of the cutest around. What’s most impressive about Deerling’s shiny is that it’s actually a collection, with slight differences between each one. This shiny could have just stopped at the charming pink flower and accents. Instead, the fur on its back, which changes with the seasons, is also subtly altered each time compared to their original colors, adding even more appeal to this adorable shiny.

Cutest Shiny Pokémon #3: Audino and Mega Audino

How do you make a cute shiny for a Pokémon that’s already an adorable pink? You make it a pretty purple, of course. Shiny Audino is just as cute as its original color while still being clearly distinct. Mega Audino’s shiny is also very pretty, this time in a subtle way. The delicate purples are charming, and its eyes become yellow instead of green, helping the shiny coloration stand out even more than the original. You can trust Audino and its Mega Evolution to brighten up your Valentine’s Day and listen to all you have to say.

Cutest Shiny Pokémon #2: Virizion

Virizion has one of the best shiny colorations in the entire Pokémon series. It’s a perfect shade of pink, and its green accents are an outstanding match. What elevates this shiny is how the colors are actually taken from Virizion’s standard appearance, but swapped. It’s a clever technique that gives the shiny a sense of unity with the original while also looking entirely unique. It also just so happens to be perfectly fitting for Valentine’s Day. Who would possibly turn down a shiny legendary Pokémon on Valentine’s Day, or any day?

Cutest Shiny Pokémon #1: Slurpuff

Shiny Slurpuff was made for Valentine’s Day. It’s a shiny Pokémon that is both cute and sweet—literally. The already adorable pink and white cupcake pup takes on a chocolate flavor with a cherry on top in its shiny coloration. Swirlix also shows off a yummy chocolate coating, but without Slurpuff’s striking red accents. Don’t forget to share some Poké Puffs with Slurpuff, Valentine’s Day or not, and try not to mistake Slurpuff for one of your Valentine’s treats.

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