Best Sims 4 Stuff Packs Ranked (2023)

Look at all that stuff.
Sims 4 stuff packs ranked

Stuff packs for The Sims 4 are smaller additions that primarily focus on including new Create a Sim and build mode items, with a few also including gameplay. In this list, we rank all 19 stuff packs from worst to best.

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Best Sims 4 Stuff Packs Ranked (2023)

With 19 Stuff Packs in the Sims 4, there’s quite a few to choose from, and we’ve ranked them all from best to worst.

My First Pet Stuff

My First Pet Stuff is the most frustrating pack because you must also have the Cats & Dogs expansion pack to enjoy it fully. The stuff pack primarily features animal clothing and litter boxes tailored to the expansion’s animals.

While there are some decorative items, the animal theme may not appeal to a wide audience and is better suited for a Vet Clinic, a feature within Cats & Dogs. Additionally, the introduction of pets, like rats and hamsters, may not be appealing to everyone.

Luxury Party

Luxury Party focuses on enriching Sims’ party experiences with enhanced decor and clothing options. It introduces several new formal outfits, hairstyles, and makeup choices to upgrade your wardrobe. The most substantial additions were included in the build mode, with abundant decor options. Among these, the drinking fountain is the most notable as it offers several new food and drink options. While this does have some interesting additions, this pack doesn’t include any groundbreaking items or features to make it a better purchase.

Perfect Patio

Perfect Patio introduces fresh outfits and various build items to improve outdoor spaces. The new attire includes swimsuits and casual clothes with a summer vibe. While it gives you more options, the outfits are rather forgettable. On the other hand, build items offer a much more useable selection. This section includes modern furniture, plant decor, new counters, and a stylish bar. The standout additions were the hot tubs, which were exclusive at the pack’s release. However, hot tubs have become part of the base game since then, slightly diminishing this pack’s uniqueness.


The Fitness stuff pack is perfect for Simmers who are passionate about gym-centered gameplay. It offers a range of fresh workout attire and hairstyles to improve your Sims’ gym appearances. In addition, the pack introduces new build items such as showers, treadmills, and workout machines. The most impressive addition is the unique rock climbing treadmill, an entertaining way for your Sims to improve their fitness. While it’s a decent pack, its appeal might be limited for those less inclined to this type of content.

Backyard Stuff

Backyard Stuff is a more family-orientated version of the Perfect Patio pack. This pack introduces a range of casual outfits, outdoor decorations, and two new water slides. This pack is versatile, particularly when looking at the outfits and decor. While lacking any absolute must-have, the included outfits stand out for their casual yet fashionable appeal, suitable for different playstyles. Additionally, the pack has an abundance of charming floral decorations perfect for sprucing up your outdoor space. The highlight of this pack, of course, is the water slides, which fulfill Sims’ desires for fun and improve their fitness skill. Unfortunately, their size makes it difficult to place on many lots.

Cool Kitchen

The Cool Kitchen Stuff pack enriches your culinary space with a range of new items. Some noticeable items are stylish counters and appliances suitable for various kitchen designs. Complementing these are clutter items like drying racks and utensil holders that can help you add some charm to your kitchen. Additionally, the pack offers a few new wearable items, catering to those who prefer a casual, layered look.

Although not breathtaking, this pack brings minor improvements to your kitchen ambiance and expands clothing options. If you’re looking for that, this is the pack for you. However, if you want an improved gameplay experience, an alternative pack may be better.

Spooky Stuff

Spooky Stuff is ideal for players seeking to elevate their Halloween festivities. It has a ton of new outfits, primarily costume-related, making them more suitable for Halloween events than regular gameplay. Build mode introduces some new items, which are ideal for creating haunted houses or hosting the new Spooky Party social event.

If you anticipate hosting themed parties frequently or love Halloween, this pack might work well for you. However, it’s worth noting that some similar decorations can be found in the Seasons expansion pack, which can be another option if you’re looking for holiday gear.

Moving Hangout

The Movie Hangout Stuff pack offers a range of retro-style clothing, furniture, and paintings. Additionally, there are new Sims movie posters, giving you the opportunity to make an improved theater room. The real standout features are new movies and a projector screen.

Overall, this pack doesn’t change anything about your Sims behaviors. The movies don’t introduce special moodlets, and Sims will still be drawn to devices that improve their fun. If you prefer to limit these types of distractions, this pack is worth skipping over.


The Moschino Stuff pack introduces real-life-inspired high-fashion Create a Sim items that feature bold prints and logos for a distinctive style. While the hairstyles may not stand out, they offer a sleek, refined appearance. In the build mode, the pack provides a range of modern furniture options, including windows and photography-themed decor, which pairs perfectly with the new photography freelance job.

The freelance photography career significantly enhances the existing photography system, introducing new tools and an expanded interface, making this a worthy addition. However, despite the allure of the career, the pack’s outfits may be extravagant for non-famous Sims, and similar furniture options can be found in other packs. If you’re pursuing a photography career or fashion appeals to you, this pack is a good choice. Otherwise, it may not offer enough unique content to warrant a purchase.

Vintage Glamour

Similar to Luxury Party Stuff, Vintage Glamour adds some class to the Sims 4 game. This pack introduces an array of glamorous outfits, featuring elegant dresses and stylish vests, accompanied by several hairstyle options. While this area can be overlooked, the build mode can’t. It has a fantastic array of versatile furniture and decor suitable for all gameplay types. The most exciting addition to the build mode is the vanity table where your Sim can change their makeup.

Designed for players who want to elevate their Sims’ quality of life, this pack can pair well with those aiming for fame in the Get Famous pack. The items included are tailored for that kind of gameplay. Additionally, the ability to hire a butler, a live-in NPC, continues to add depth to that narrative style.

Romantic Garden

The Romantic Garden stuff pack is an average collection of items with no notable or impressive standouts. While there are a few limited outfits, the real stars come from the build mode. There is an assortment of statues, stone seating arrangements, and floral decorations, providing an elegant touch to your backyard designs.

The biggest feature, the new wishing well, allows players to wish for nine different things, including love, wealth, youth, and grades. There are six different outcomes, ranging from death to overwhelmingly positive. The randomness of your wish results can make for entertaining gameplay. However, even with some appealing aspects, this pack doesn’t offer any essential content that you have to have. You can also find better decor items in packs like Blooming Rooms, a kit filled with fantastic floral decor.

Home Chef Hustle

The Home Chef Hustle stuff pack is an impressive pack with a wealth of items and gameplay enhancements. Here, you’ll get new items like the stand mixer and countertop pizza oven, which help revolutionize food preparation, offering new cooking methods and greater control. The pack also introduces a range of chef-themed clothing items and hairstyles. While these may be overlooked, the accessories are cute and may see more use.

One of the best features of Home Chef Hustle is the ability to sell food from the new food stand. The portable nature of the stand and some appliances allow for on-the-go food preparation, allowing you to serve customers wherever you want.

Even if the food stand isn’t your primary focus, this pack is still a valuable addition. It transforms the previous hands-off food-making experience into a more engaging and customizable activity.

Bowling Night

The Bowling Night Stuff pack introduces the bowling skill alongside new build items and Create a Sim options. The standout feature, the bowling lane and skill aren’t must-have features, but they do provide amusing animations, making it fun to try. Lanes can also be added to bars, giving them more entertainment options when exploring public lots. The build mode items are also useful. Despite their bowling theme, many of the items can still be used in other settings within your Sim’s home.

However, in terms of fashion options, this pack is severely lacking. The clothing is more suited for bowling alleys (a surprise, I’m sure), and the hairstyles are average at best. Despite these limitations, the pack offers some enjoyable gameplay, and the decor is versatile enough to be a fun addition.


Toddlers were introduced to The Sims 4 in 2017 in a patch following the game’s 2015 release. Shortly after, the Toddler Stuff pack became available to enrich the age group’s experience with a selection of new items, clothing, hairstyles, and a new social event catered to them.

For players focused on family-orientated gameplay, this pack proves essential. It offers many Create a Sim options explicitly tailored for toddlers. Additionally, the Build mode includes toddler-specific toys, although some larger items may have trouble fitting on smaller lots.

Laundry Day

The Laundry Day Stuff pack introduces an immersive laundry feature, giving you more control over your Sim’s day-to-day routines. This pack significantly improves realism within the game. You’ll have to manage chores like washing and drying clothes with the new washing machines, washing tubs, clothing lines, and dryers. Additionally, your Sims will gain moodlets depending on how well their clothes were cleaned. You also get more options in Create a Sim with an expanded selection of flowy and relaxing styles.

This pack is a must-have for more immersive gameplay, especially when paired with packs like Bust the Dust and Home Chef Hustle. However, if you don’t want to add more chores to your game, this pack doesn’t include anything you can’t get elsewhere.

Kids Room

The Kids Room Stuff pack is an essential addition for players focused on family-orientated gameplay. Much like the Toddler Stuff pack, this one focuses on improving the children’s life stage. With Kids Room Stuff, you’ll get a large selection of outfits that perfectly capture younger Sims’ vibrant and playful fashion. Additionally, build mode includes an array of decorations and shelves perfect for designing their rooms.

One of the best improvements comes with Voidcritters, an entertaining game designed for kids. This new feature is similar to Pokemon and allows children to collect and battle the tiny creatures. There’s also a puppet theatre that older Sims can use.

Nifty Knitting

Nifty Knitting is one of the standout stuff packs that are available because it includes tons of usable items and new gameplay features. In Create a Sim, players gain access to a selection of knitted clothing options that are perfect for keeping warm on cold winter nights and a surprising amount of new hairstyles.

In build mode, you get new features with the rocking chair, like skill boosts for knitting and faster relaxation times. As far as features go, the most significant inclusions are the knitting skill and the Plopsy selling service. With Plopsy, you can sell and buy unique items online.

Considering that you get a lot of usable features and cute stuff, this is a fantastic pack that’s well worth getting.


The Paranormal Stuff pack is another high-quality pack worth getting because of all the new items and content you get from it. In Create a Sim, players get a selection of old-school psychic attire and hairstyles, which can be used in themed play but may be skipped over otherwise. The build mode also impresses with an array of furniture and plant decor, perfect for decorating an eclectic house.

However, Paranormal Stuff truly shines with new gameplay features: the Haunted House residential lot type and paranormal investigator freelance career. Despite the supernatural theme, this pack is essential for all player types. The array of features at its price point makes it a valuable addition to your collection.

Tiny Living

Completing our list of the best stuff packs for the Sims 4 is Tiny Living. This pack brings many versatile items and features suitable for all kinds of gameplay, regardless of any potential themes you’re playing with. In Create a Sim, you have a range of casual clothing options, including jean jackets, sweater shirts, and button-ups, all complemented by new up-dos and braided hairstyles.

However, the real gems lie in build mode. Here, you have access to new furniture styles that are tailored to the Tiny Home Residential lot type. This unique lot restricts your living space to 100 tiles but offers various benefits, such as reduced bills, skill-building bonuses, and accelerated plant growth if you stay under that number.

Even if constructing a tiny home isn’t your focus in The Sims 4, this pack’s furniture selections are invaluable for optimizing space, and the clothing selection is some of the best available. Furthermore, the additional features are worth the price, even if you don’t always use them.

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