Best Pre-Made World Codes to Use in LEGO Fortnite

Get the perfect start with these World Codes in LEGO Fortnite.

In LEGO Fortnite, you can get World Codes that will help you get the best starting position. This guide will help you with that by listing the best pre-made World Codes in LEGO Fortnite.

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Five Best Pre-Made World Codes for LEGO Fortnite

When you have made all the settings for the world you are creating, you will have the option to enter a seed number for another world’s starting point. Using another world’s seed number, you will get the starting point identical to that world.

You can also opt to give your seed to someone else so that they make the same world as you did, but once you start the seed-planting phase, they will not get any of the stuff you built.

Here are the best five pre-made World Codes the players should use in LEGO Fortnite:


First off, spawning with this seed, you will get a beautiful beach, a lake, and a river nearby on the side. You also get houses nearby you can explore for loot and other items, a desert in the distance to roam, and frost lands in the far. What else do you need for the perfect starting point?


As you spawn, the starting point is bordered by many biomes, including frost lands to the east, coastlines to the northwest, and dry valleys to the southwest. The neighboring home has multiple chests, and two additional caverns are located northwest and southwest of spawn.


After loading into this world, the east cave and the second cave, which are located on the hill to the north, will both be easily accessible. While the frost lands are located southeast of the spawn spot, the dry valley biome beyond the north cave is an excellent place to gather resources. From spawn, continue northwest to discover a cave, another cave just before the island lake, and yet another cave to the northwest.


The coastline lies just north of the spawn, and there is an easy-access cave where the grasslands and shore meet. Two more caverns may be located closer to the spawn, just east and northwest of the beginning place. The location is surrounded by two snowy mountains to the east while continuing west leads to a dry valley. A farm is located east of spawn with plenty of corn, shrubs, and pumpkins to pick.


This is one of the greatest world seeds if you’re searching for one with all the biomes nearby. The frost lands are to the southeast, the beach is to the northwest, and the dry valley is to the north. For certain early game supplies, caverns may be located south and southwest of spawn. Several dry valley caves are accessible soon after entering the biome.

These are all of the best five seeds that players should know before starting their journey in LEGO Fortnite. Now that you have the best starting positions, you might also need to know how to get the best villagers in LEGO Fortnite.

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