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15 Best Lethal Company Mods For Extreme Chaos

Looking for some new mods for your next Lethal Company session? We've got you covered.

Half of the fun of Lethal Company comes in its perfect comedic timing. If you’re looking for a few ways to spice up your next session, you’ve come to the right place, as we’ve got a list of essential mods here for you to tinker with.

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Best Lethal Company Mods To Make Your Next Session Memorable

No matter if you’re looking for small Quality of Life fixes, or just ways to make your next session all the more chaotic, we’ve got you covered here. Once you’ve modded your game, you’ll be ready to partake in the chaos with your friends. Don’t worry about getting banned, as Lethal Company is safe to play with these particular modifications.

Quality of Life Mods for Lethal Company

Reserved Flashlight Spot by Flip Mods

Have you found an absolute treasure trove of scrap, only to have to sacrifice grabbing some due to your flashlight taking up an additional slot? Use this mod, alongside the Reserved Item Slot (Core) mod to keep your Flashlight stored off to the side. A simple tap of the F button will bring your flashlight out once again, and you’ll be ready for anything.

Reserved Walkie Talkie Spot by Flip Mods

Much like the previous mod, this will give you an additional spot for you to store your Walkie-Talkie, and by holding the ALT key and scrolling, you can select this valuable device. This will help ensure that your next Scrap run can be as profitable as possible and that you can escape with more money next time around.

Bigger Lobby Mod by bizzlemip

Hoping to play Lethal Company with up to 40 different players? Then Bigger Lobby is going to be the mod for you. We’ve been using this here at Prima for quite some time, and it makes the game all the more chaotic than we could have ever expected. Installation is easy, and we’ve got you covered on how to install it with ease.

General Improvements by ShaosilGaming

Are you loving Lethal Company, but not loving the variety of bugs and glitches that can accompany you on your adventures? Give this mod a download, as it has an extensive list of different fixes that it implements and makes the gameplay even smoother than before. It’s a great mod to have, especially if everyone in your lobby is using it.

Enemy Mods in Lethal Company

Are you looking to change up some of the familiar faces that you’ve encountered in Lethal Company? No matter if it’s the adorable Hoarding Bug or the terrifying Bracken, these mods will add some visual and audio flair to these fantastic beasts.

Vampire Flow (Hoarding Bug) by KlippKlubben

Video by DeLewr on YouTube

If you’ve spent any time on Social Media over the past few months, you’ve likely encountered the popular Dracula Flow videos. Well, this mod gives the normally adorable Hoarding Bugs a new personality, and you may just need to hand over everything in your possession to them once you hear this sick flow.

FreeBirdTotemRemix (Jester) by TopraksuK

Video by Memes_Confirmed on YouTube (Video contains NSFW Language/Swearing)

It’s a known fact that Free Bird by Lynrd Skynrd makes everything more exciting, and this mod for the Jester may be the greatest use of the track. As you’re running for your life, the swell of a guitar solo following behind you is incredible and will make the moments before your death all the more cinematic.

FreddyBracken (Bracken) by OrtonLongGaming

Video by Orton Long Gaming on YouTube

The Bracken is already one of the most terrifying creatures in Lethal Company, but you know what would make it even worse? Having it look like Freddy Fazbear from the Five Nights at Freddy’s franchise. Pair this particular mod with the Freddy Fazbear Laugh pack, and you’re in for the most terrifying session of your life.

Skinwalkers Mod by RugbugRedFern

With Lethal Company using Proximity Chat as its primary form of communication, there is nothing better than hearing one of your teammates talking to you after you thought that they had fallen down a hole. However, how awful would it be for you to find out that it’s been one of the many monsters available in Lethal Company talking to you, instead? With the Skinwalkers mod, this exact thing can happen, so be sure you know who you can trust to give you an answer before you meet your doom at the hands of a recorded line spoken by a creature.

ThePointOfTheMasked (Masked Enemy) by zJurney

You know, if someone asks me how I’m doing after I pick up the Mask in Lethal Company, I tell them I’m doing just fine. I mean, that’s what the point of the mask is, isn’t it? But, the fact is, I can never get out of the facility, especially after finding out what the point of the mask is. Yes, it includes the audio. Yes, it’s more terrifying than you can imagine.

Mimics Mod by x753

It’s already dangerous enough walking into these facilities without knowing what is behind the door, but this mod will make some of the scraps you can find even more dangerous than you could have imagined. Some of the items within the Facility have been replaced by Mimics or creatures that look like the items you’re supposed to grab. Make sure you scout out the area before you grab anything if you’ve got this mod installed.

Player & Item Mods in Lethal Company

Now, we’re on to the final bit, with mods that will change your Character Model, or give you more options when it comes to showing off a bit after a successful hunt. Download any of these mods if you’re hoping to add some hilarity to your person.

MoreSuits by x753

Looking to expand your wardrobe a bit without purchasing the expensive Pajama Suit? Then the MoreSuits mod is exactly what you’re looking for. Borrowing a few looks from some of your favorite games, such as Mario and Doom, you can explore the facilities before you while looking more stylish than ever. While some may hate being stuck as the Minion from Despicable Me, I’ve grown to accept my new role.

MoreEmotes by Sligili

If you’re anything like me, you know that Lethal Company would be all the more exciting if you had the chance to Twerk or hit the Griddy after a successful scavenge, and this mod can provide you with exactly that. Rather than just giving you the standard Dance and Point emote, you can also flip off other players, Twerk, Hit the Griddy, and so much more. It’s a great mod to have and can make everyone on the ship laugh.

NootHorn by FluxTeam

Need to find a new way to annoy your teammates? The Noot Noot Horn could be the ultimate way to make that happen. Replacing the normal Air Horn sound with the Noot Noot of Pingu, this throwback is the best way to meme on your friends when they pick up the most obnoxious item in the game.

TVLoader by Rattenbonkers

If you’re looking to put something new on the TV screen inside of the ship, the TVLoader mod could be the best thing since sliced bread. Looking to put the entirety of Shrek 1 on the TV so nobody can leave and get their work done? This is the easiest and best way to make that happen. Just visit the TV Pack Creator, and get working on your latest masterpiece.

Custom Boombox Music by Steven

Want to jam out to your favorite tracks while you’re playing Lethal Company? Download this mod straight away, as you’ll get the chance to upload your own custom music. Want a heroic theme to follow along with the Braveheart of your group? You’ve got it. Want to jam out to Barbie Girl by Aqua while hanging out with the Vampire Flow Hoarding Bugs? You can do that, too. Find the perfect track, and get uploading.

Now that you’ve got a list of the most essential mods that you can put in Lethal Company for a chaotic time, be sure to check out our section below to learn how to challenge the Nutcracker and get your hands on their weapon.

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