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Prima Game of the Week | No Man’s Sky NEXT

by Josh Hawkins

Why You Should Play

  • 100+ hours of exploration and survival gameplay.
  • 4-player cooperative multiplayer that makes exploration more enjoyable.
  • An endless array of planets to explore and build on.
  • Almost unlimited base building options.

When No Man’s Sky originally released, players around flocked to the game, desperate for the promise that Hello Games and Sean Murray had painted for them. Now, almost two years later, a brand-new update has arrived, breathing new life into the massive and unending universe that Hello Games created. Diving in and getting lost in the new experience feels fresh and brand new, giving players more reason than ever to revisit the game and get lost in it once more.


When it comes to gameplay, No Man’s Sky still works similarly to how it did at release. Players must find resources to build new items, discover new technology, and explore an almost endless galaxy of planets. Along the way you can build up your own bases, create your own fleets, and even become a pirate and steal from planetary bases and freighters you find out in space. It’s a massive experience that leaves plenty to do, and the addition of multiplayer to the mix only makes things even better.

Explore vast planets, discover new creatures and create your own compounds with your friends. There’s a ton to do in No Man’s Sky. You can explore vast fields of asteroids, mining important resources to trade on the Galactic Market. Search for new technology in ancient alien ruins, all while working towards the center of the universe in an ever-evolving storyline that will have you questioning your very existence within this universe. You’ll find hundreds of hours of gameplay in No Man’s Sky NEXT, all waiting for you and your friends to enjoy and experience.

Visuals and Performance

One of the big additions brought to No Man’s Sky with the massive update is a complete overhaul of several of the game’s key visual elements. New planetary effects, completely overhauled flora and fauna, as well as enhanced textures help bring the world of No Man’s Sky to life in a brand-new way that keeps the game looking fresh and beautiful. The introduction of third-person camera, as well as character customization give you an almost unbridled sense customization that allows you to really blend yourself in with the world.

The new visuals look fantastic and really help paint an even brighter future for No Man’s Sky as the developers work to add more content in the future. The new base building also works wonders with the visuals and allows you to create bustling and expansive bases that fit well against the back drop of the various worlds you explore in No Man’s Sky.

Game of the Week

With all the changes that they’ve made, the updated visual overhauls, as well as the inclusion of new content and even full-scale cooperative multiplayer, No Man’s Sky NEXT has really brought Hello Games original vision of the game to life in a living, breathing and expansive world that begs for players to get lost in exploring it. While it acts as more of an update than a new game, the new content and overhauls in No Man’s Sky NEXT have made the game into a completely new experience worth diving into. It’s no wonder that we’ve fallen in love with the game again, and it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Hello Games has managed to win our vote and score No Man’s Sky NEXT as Prima’s Game of the Week.

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