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GIVEAWAY: Win An Exclusive ‘No Straight Roads’ Vinyl Set

by Liana Ruppert

August is almost over so we thought we’d ring in the new month ahead with another awesome giveaway! To celebrate the release of No Straight Roads, we’re giving away a few exclusive vinyl sets and soundtracks! 

No Straight Roads challenges players to harness their inner rock god as they form an epic rock band to overthrow the evil EDM empire. This action-adventure game offers a killer story from the minds of Final Fantasy XV’s Wan Hazmer and Street Fighter V’s Daim Dziauddin, and transports gamers into the rhthym-infused world of Vinyl City.

Fight other musical superstars, very in a Scott Pilgrim fashion, while defeating the megalomaniac empire known EDM empire known as NSR. Players will have action, combat, and sick, sick tunes, which is where this giveaway comes into play!

You can’t have an awesome game about music and not have a stellar soundtrack, so to celebrate this title’s launch we thought we’d give away some goodies! We are giving away five physical collector’s edition vinyl sets and five digital soundtracks! 

The vinyl is only included in the collector’s edition and cannot be bought anywhere, so winning this double-sided 12″ LP treat is pretty heckin’ awesome! It also includes all of the songs from the soundtrack in addition to one extra one, which can be heard right here on Spotify. 

Ready to enter for a chance to win? Make sure to get those entries in below: 

GIVEAWAY: Win An Exclusive ‘No Straight Roads’ Vinyl Set

No Straight Roads is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC through the Epic Games Store, and Nintendo Switch! Happy gaming and good luck!

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