The Xbox Live Marketplace has a variety of apps and many of them cater to sports fans, whether it's, the UFC channel or ESPN.  If you haven't become familiar with them just yet, Microsoft is giving you that chance.

Starting today and running through Sunday, April 28th, the company is hosting a "Big Sports Weekend" event for all Xbox Live subscribers (even non-Gold ones) that will make a number of services available at no charge.  These include the full NFL Draft on ESPN, NBA playoff coverage on the Game Time app, highlights from NHL Game Center, services on, and seven Fight Night events through the UFC leading up to the pay-per-view Saturday night (which is sadly not free).

It's good to see Microsoft offer up these services to show users just how valuable they are.  We know a lot of people who will be pleased about checking out the NFL Draft this weekend.

You can access these apps  and many more over on the Xbox Live Marketplace.  Head on over and have yourself a ball – football, baseball, whatever.