Visit our Free Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough to continue the journey.

As soon as you have control, run around the car and pick up the dropped weapons thanks to the handy work of Max Haas. Keep your eyes on the ledges and shoot anything that moves until Max grabs Klaus Kreutz and opens the gate.

Head inside the compound and eliminate the Commander indicated by the Signal Detected on-screen. You can shoot or stealth kill him, it's totally up to you. We decided to shoot him, then went about eliminating everyone on the ground floor.

Head toward the hanger, then turn back when your path is blocked. Your objective is now on the third floor, so start moving up and gunning down any opposition in your way. It's a small space, so consider taking out the Automatic Shotgun, being sure to visit every room for any loot or collectibles.

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When you reach and clear the third floor, notice that the chained vent is glowing, indicating that it can be cut. Use your Laserkraftwerk and then jump into the vent. When you land, reach out and grab Tekla, then enjoy a short cut scene that directly ties into the dream you had earlier in the game.

Crawl through the vent, drop down and keep moving until you see an opening. There are two big robots nearby, but they can be easily taken out using the Rocket Launcher, Hand Grenades or Laserkraftwerk. After they fall, switch back to your Assault Rifle and finish off the smaller, weaker foes.

When the room is clear, climb the ladder and head inside another vent. Follow it until two big robots rip you out, then enjoy the action as Caroline arrives to help.

When you regain control, kill the guards behind you, then switch to your Rocket Launcher and take out the massive, armored Kampfhund that's trying to eat Fergus. Once it's all clear, you're free to hop on the helicopter and end the chapter.

Visit our Free Wolfenstein: The New Order Walkthrough to continue the journey.