Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception


The Nathan Drake Collection - Uncharted 3 Find all of the Treasure

Oct. 12, 2015, 7 a.m.

Collect all of the medallions, rings and pendants in Uncharted 3!


Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection – Treasures Unearthed

June 5, 2015, 11:53 a.m.

Naughty Dog revisits those remarkable PS3 games while offering a glimpse of Uncharted 4.


Video Games to Movies - The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

Oct. 13, 2014, 5:58 p.m.

Find out what's going on with upcoming movie releases like Uncharted, The Last of Us and more.

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Uncharted 4 PS4 News and Rumors

May 8, 2014, 2:35 p.m.

Sony’s new Uncharted game may star pirates and feature the Fiery Cross of Goa.


Amy Hennig Moves to Star Wars

April 3, 2014, 1:32 p.m.

The former Uncharted writer will be working on a Star Wars project for Visceral Games.


Uncharted Officially Announced For PlayStation 4

Nov. 14, 2013, 10:14 p.m.

Naughty Dog breaks the news during Sony's PS4 event.


Netflix Introduces "Max" Guide for PlayStation 3

June 28, 2013, 3:31 p.m.

Need help finding a movie? There's an app for that.

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Sony Adds Three Games to PlayStation Plus PS3 Line-Up Next Week

June 7, 2013, 7:29 a.m.

There’s plenty of games for everyone.


Special Animal-Oriented Content Available For Uncharted 3 Multiplayer

April 3, 2013, 12:35 p.m.

Suffice to say, the developer has gone to the dogs.


Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Goes Free-To-Play

Feb. 26, 2013, 11:47 a.m.

You'll still need to pay for some of the premium content, but at least you can battle with your friends on the cheap.


It's official: Sony unveil the super-sleek PS3 Slim at Tokyo Games Show

Sept. 19, 2012, 4:01 a.m.

In a world of supersizing, Sony unveil the super slim PS3 at the Tokyo Game Show this morning.


Uncharted Movie Loses Its Latest Director, But Gains National Treasure Writers

Aug. 24, 2012, 11:35 a.m.

Marianne and Cormac Wibberly will rewrite the film's script.


Massive Uncharted Patch Released, Tournament Mode Added

Aug. 7, 2012, 4:06 a.m.

Reward system introduced, loads of new taunts/items


Sony Talks Gaikai Plans

July 4, 2012, 4:03 a.m.

Not just for gaming


Sony Buys Gaikai For $380m

July 2, 2012, 4:02 a.m.

Cloudy forecasts


Uncharted Games Return As Premium PlayStation Network Releases This Tuesday

June 22, 2012, 9:41 a.m.

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves comes to the PlayStation Network as premium digital downloads next week!


Super Slim PlayStation 3 Coming?

June 12, 2012, 2:54 a.m.

“Never say never”


E3 2012: Uncharted Not Dead Yet, Still a “Pillar Franchise” For Sony

June 8, 2012, 4:03 p.m.

Just because Naughty Dog is working on The Last of Us, doesn’t mean you’ve seen the last of Uncharted.


Rumors on Sony’s PlayStation Plus Revamp

May 30, 2012, 5:38 a.m.

E3 press conference likely


Uncharted designer Richard Lemarchand quits Naughty Dog

April 29, 2012, 6 p.m.

To teach at University of Southern California.


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception gets Game of the Year Edition

April 24, 2012, 6 p.m.

Comes with 14 DLC add-ons


Uncharted 3 co-op Shade Survival mode announced

Feb. 20, 2012, 6 p.m.

Flashback Map Pack 2 out this week.


Uncharted 3 gets new co-op DLC

Feb. 6, 2012, 6 p.m.

Fort Adventure add-on lets you play as series villains.


Naughty Dog "disheartened" when games' stories are easily branded "amazing"

Jan. 23, 2012, 6 p.m.

"We try so hard to push things."


Skyrim is UK Christmas 2011 number one

Dec. 18, 2011, 6 p.m.

Ends EA/Activision's 8-year dominance.


Naughty Dog: move to next-gen is "terrifying"

Dec. 18, 2011, 6 p.m.

Transition marked studio's "darkest days".


Uncharted 3 aiming fix incoming

Nov. 6, 2011, 6 p.m.

Inaccurate firing to be corrected


Season pass for Uncharted 3 DLC to come

Oct. 17, 2011, 6 p.m.

45% off seven multiplayer extras.


Sony: 3D visor to "revolutionize" games

Sept. 22, 2011, 6 p.m.

Uncharted 3 will "take advantage" of viewer.


Uncharted started out as a fantasy game

Sept. 21, 2011, 6 p.m.

"Gritty Xbox shooters" inspired new direction.


Tech Analysis: Uncharted 3 Multiplayer Beta

July 8, 2011, 6 p.m.

Drake a closer look.


Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception: Beta Impressions

July 3, 2011, 6 p.m.

Indiana pwns.