The latest Mega Man game from Capcom plays out like most other Mega Man titles, and that means you’ll need to defeat a slew of bosses as you make your way through the game. One of the bosses you’ll have to fight in Mega Man 11 is Block Man. In this article we’ll cover how to defeat Block Man in Mega Man 11 so you don’t have to worry about getting past this evil robot. So read on to learn how to beat Block Man in Mega Man 11!

How to Defeat Block Man

  • Recommended Weapon: Chain Blast (Blast Man)

Block Man fights in three phases. Each phase offers a different type of attack pattern that you’ll need to get around. Once you know how to avoid Block Man’s attacks, he’s one of the easier bosses in the game. The trick is figuring out all of his attacks.

Phase One

Mega Man 11 Block Man

In the first phase, Block Man jumps near Mega Man, then calls down several blocks from above that fall onto Mega Man. There can be anywhere from two to four blocks that fall from above, with at least one block spawning directly above Mega Man. It shouldn’t be too difficult to move between the blocks to avoid them, but always remember you can activate Speed Gear to slow things down and make it easier to avoid the blocks.

Ideally, you want to slide under Block Man when he jumps toward you, then stand close to him and activate Speed Gear so you can pummel him with as many shots as possible before you need to move to avoid the falling blocks. Don’t stand right next to Block Man or else you’ll get hit when he motions his arm downward to drop the blocks. Just stand back a little bit, activate Speed Gear and shoot him as long as you can before you need to move.

Phase Two

During the second phase of the battle against Block Man, he transforms into a much larger creature. While he’s in this form you can only damage him by attacking the large red circle in the middle of his body. Charge up your Mega Buster, jump in the air and fire it off. Pay close attention to Block Man’s movement here, because if he’s walking forward the red circle will be too high to hit with a standard jump Mega Buster. You’ll have to wait until his foot is back on the ground before you jump and shoot.

Block Man has three attacks in this phase, all of which you’ll have to deal with while being trapped in the corner. While you’ll probably be near the middle of the screen when Block Man first transforms, it’s only a matter of time before he pushes you back to the corner. While you’re in the middle of the screen, you can back up to avoid Block Man’s attacks, it’s only when you reach the corner that you’ll need to be a bit more adept with your evasion.

Mega Man 11 Block Man

If Block Man reaches up into the air, he’s about to slam his palm to the ground. He can do this multiple times in a row, or only once. When you’re in the corner you can avoid this attack by simple staying as far back into the corner as you can. If you jump, you will get hit. If you move forward, you will get hit. If you remaining stationary in the corner, the attack will completely miss Mega Man.

Mega Man 11 Block Man

If you see Block Man reach back behind him with his hand near the ground, he’s about to throw several large blocks in your direction. It’s usually best to slide to avoid these blocks, but depending on the trajectory of the blocks you may be able to remain stationary or move slightly right or left. Jumping will usually get Mega Man hit, but it depends on the trajectory of the blocks. Sliding is generally the best way to go, but use whatever method is more comfortable for you.

Mega Man 11 Block Man

Block Man’s final attack in this form is telegraphed by his arm reaching back behind his head. When you see this, he’s about to punch toward you. When you’re stuck in the corner, the only way to avoid this punch is to slide under it. However, a full slide may take you too far and Mega Man will end up hitting Block Man’s leg and taking damage. You can cancel the slide halfway through by pressing in the opposite direction you’re sliding. So if you’re sliding right, press left and you’ll cancel the slide to stop short of Block Man’s leg.

Phase Three

Mega Man 11 Block Man

The third and final phase of the Block Man boss battle sees Block Man back to his normal size and throwing a rapid barrage of blocks from across the screen. This is usually the most troublesome portion of the boss battle. Block Man will throw blocks at three different heights: high, middle and low. You can shoot any of the blocks, you can slide under the high and middle blocks, and you can jump over the middle and low blocks. You cannot jump over the high blocks, and you cannot slide under the low blocks.

Because the blocks come at such a rapid pace, it can be difficult to deal with all of them. Your best bet is to continuously shoot, while jumping over the blocks whenever possible. As long as you don’t see a high block, you should be jumping over each barrage thrown at Mega Man. If you do see a high block, chances are you will blast it with your Mega Buster, but if not, make sure you clear any low blocks, then slide under the group of blocks. You can’t truly rely on sliding under every block because the blocks generally come too fast to slide under one group, shoot the next batch of blocks, and still have time to slide again.

Keep in mind, you can use Speed Gear to slow things down. Just remember that Speed Gear works best when you’re close to the boss. If you’re too far away when you activate, you’ll be able to dodge easier, but you won’t inflict as much damage on Block Man as you would at close range.

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