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Items and Gear Gear

To perform heroic feats and overcome various obstacles, Link makes use of several clever gadgets and tools. This chapter covers all of the many items, gear, and masks that Link can find over the course of his adventure, detailing both how to find them and what to do with them.

All of the following items are stored on the Gear subscreen. These pieces of adventuring gear are the most vital items that Link can acquire. With the sole exception of the Razor Sword, none of these items is lost when Link uses the Song of Time to rewind back to the Dawn of the First Day.

Adult Wallet

At first, Link can only hold 99 Rupees in his wallet. Deposit 200 or more Rupees into your Clock Town bank account, though, and you’ll receive the Adult Wallet as a reward for your patronage. This bigger wallet is made for adults, so it can hold up to 200 Rupees.

Big Bomb Bag

During the Night of the First Day, Link can stop a thief from robbing the old lady from the Bomb Shop. Just wait in North Clock Town for the scene to play out around midnight. After stopping the thief, you’ll find the Big Bomb Bag for sale at the Bomb Shop for 90 Rupees. If you don’t stop the thief, you can still buy the Big Bomb Bag from the Curiosity Shop in West Clock Town during the Night of the Final Day for 100 Rupees. The Big Bomb Bag holds 30 bombs.

Biggest Bomb Bag

During his travels, Link meets several Business Scrubs that peddle wares from their Deku Flowers around Termina. The Business Scrub near Goron Village will sell Link the Biggest Bomb Bag for 200 Rupees, provided that Link trades in his Big Bomb Bag to get the discount.

Bomb Bag

The standard Bomb Bag holds up to 20 bombs. Buy one at the Bomb Shop in West Clock Town for 50 Rupees, and you’ll be able to carry and use bombs.

Bombers’ Notebook

Clock Town’s club of kids, the Bombers, like to keep track of important happenings around Termina. All members of the Bombers receive this special notebook, which helps them record all of their rumors, good deeds, and accomplishments. Link receives the Bombers’ Notebook shortly after he manages to reclaim the Ocarina of Time from the Skull Kid. Press to view it and see what you’ve done around Termina, along with any rumored or ongoing events that still need investigating.

Fishing Hole Pass

Though far from vital, Fishing Hole Passes are nevertheless stored on the Gear subscreen. Perhaps this is because these valuable passes don’t vanish when Link rewinds time. Each Fishing Hole Pass grants Link a free fishing rod rental at either the Swamp or Ocean Fishing Hole—a 50-Rupee value. You can win these passes by beating games in Honey & Darling’s Shop (found in East Clock Town) and in the Deku Scrub Playground (found in North Clock Town). See page 336 to learn all about Fishing Holes.

Giant Wallet

Link’s explorations of the Great Bay Coast lead him to a mysterious spider-filled house. If Link manages to slay all of the Gold Skulltulas in the house and collect their spirits within a single day, he’ll be given the Giant Wallet by a stranger as he leaves the building. This ultimate wallet can hold up to 500 Rupees, letting Link make big impulse buys on the fly.

Gilded Sword

After paying the Mountain Smithy 100 Rupees to sharpen his Kokiri Sword into a Razor Sword, Link can further enhance his blade by handing the Mountain Smithy some precious Gold Dust. The smithy then reforges the Razor Sword and creates the ultimate blade: the Gilded Sword. This weapon has a longer reach than the Kokiri or Razor Sword, and unlike the Razor Sword, its superior edge never dulls.

Hero’s Shield

Link begins the adventure with his trusty Hero’s Shield. Once raised, this stalwart shield can protect Link from just about any frontal attack. Only fire and powerful impacts can pass through the Hero’s Shield’s defenses.

Kokiri Sword

Link also begins his journey with the Kokiri Sword. This typical adventuring weapon has a short, sharp blade, making it ideal for fluid close-quarters combat. Link can improve the Kokiri Sword over the course of his adventure by visiting the Mountain Smithy up in Termina’s northern mountains and reforging it into the Razor Sword.

Large Quiver

After Link obtains the Hero’s Bow, he’s able to try the Town Shooting Gallery in East Clock Town, along with the Swamp Shooting Gallery that lies on the way to the Southern Swamp. Set either game’s high score, and you’ll win a Large Quiver. This holds 40 arrows, letting Link carry more ammo for the Hero’s Bow.

Largest Quiver

After winning the Large Quiver from either the Town Shooting Gallery or the Swamp Shooting Gallery, you can win the Largest Quiver by setting the high score on the other game. For example, if you set the high score on the Town Shooting Gallery and win the Large Quiver, then you can win the Largest Quiver by setting the high score on the Swamp Shooting Gallery (and vice versa). Whichever way you win it, the Largest Quiver lets Link carry up to 50 arrows.

Mirror Shield

Found in a ruin beneath the eastern Kingdom of Ikana, the Mirror Shield takes the place of the Hero’s Shield in Link’s inventory. Like the Hero’s Shield, this shield blocks most frontal attacks. However, it also has the power to reflect light at objects, just like a mirror. In various ways, the Mirror Shield helps Link solve puzzles and open up passages as he explores Ikana.

Ocarina of Time

Given to Link by Princess Zelda, this magical instrument calls forth legendary power to aid Link in his quest. Once Link has learned a song, he can unleash its effects at any time by playing it on the Ocarina of Time. Here’s the complete list of songs that Link can learn:

Song of Time (, , , , , ): Sends Link back to the Dawn of the First Day.

Song of Double Time (, , , , , ): Lets Link advance forward through time to any desired hour.

Inverted Song of Time (, , , , , ): Slows the current flow of time, or restores it to normal speed if it’s already slowed.

Song of Healing (, , , , , ): Heals troubled souls, helping them find rest.

Song of Soaring (, , , , , ): Lets Link soar directly to any owl statue that he has activated across Termina.

Epona’s Song (, , , , , ): Calls for Link’s horse, Epona, who comes to him if she’s able.

Song of Storms (, , , , , ): Causes it to rain, helping Magic Beans grow.

Sonata of Awakening (, , , , , , ): Makes Woodfall Temple rise from the marsh. Can also rouse sleeping beings.

Goron Lullaby (, , , , , , , ): Soothes the Goron Elder’s bawling son. Also helps Link enter Snowhead Temple.

New Wave Bossa Nova (, , , , , , ): Helps the Zora singer, Lulu, find her voice. Also helps Link reach the Great Bay Temple.

Elegy of Emptiness (, , , , , , ): Creates a lifeless clone of Link wherever he’s standing. Useful for keeping floor switches pinned down.

Oath to Order (, , , , , ): Summons the four guardian spirits to help stop the moon’s descent.

Scarecrow’s Song: Pull out the Ocarina of Time near the scarecrow in the Astral Observatory or Trading Post, and you can create the notes to this song. Play the song to summon the scarecrow out in the field, who then serves as an anchor point for the Hookshot.

Pictograph Box

Obtained within the Swamp Tourist Center, the Pictograph Box lets Link snap a full-color pictograph of anything that he sees. Taking pictographs helps Link complete several quests, but he can only keep one pictograph at a time. Say “cheese!”

Pieces of Heart

You can find a whopping 52 Pieces of Heart during Link’s adventure. Every four Pieces of Heart you find completes a new Heart Container, extending Link’s life energy by one Heart. Look far and wide for these special prizes, or simply refer to the walkthrough or the checklists at the back of this book to easily find them all.


The moment Link finds the Hero’s Bow in Woodfall Temple, he also acquires the Quiver. This standard arrow carrier can hold up to 30 arrows.

Razor Sword

Once he makes his way into the mountains, Link can pay the Mountain Smithy 100 Rupees to have him improve his Kokiri Blade into the Razor Sword. This razor-sharp blade is twice as powerful as the Kokiri Sword, but its edge dulls after 100 hits, or when you use the Song of Time to rewind back to the Dawn of the First Day. Once its edge dulls, the Razor Sword reverts back to Link’s original Kokiri Sword.