After running out of breath, and slowly floating away from your companion as it continues swimming, you awaken in a strange place. Learn how to reunite with Trico, survive an encounter with the other Trico, and escape the cage in the next portion of The Last Guardian’s story mission.

Try to Find Trico

You awake in a room by yourself, Trico is nowhere to be found. Follow the stream of water to find a large room with two indents in the ground. When walked over, these indents will glow, symbolizing some kind of magical system. Stand on the one of the right to trigger a cage elevator.

Climb into the elevator and ride it up, arriving in another large cavern-like area. The way forward is blocked by a massive gap in the floor, so head to the left side and climb onto the railing. Balance your way across, and then move up the stairs to continue.

Using the nearby stairs, continue your ascent, making use of any ledges as you need to. Eventually you’ll find yourself on a platform beneath a waving Trico tail. Don’t get too excited, though. This isn’t your typical friendly Trico. Climb up the tail to gain access to a log, that leads over to a large tree. Halfway across the log will crack, causing the sleeping Trico to awaken. Angry at the site of the boy, it attempts to attack you. 

Get to the Elevator Cage

Climb up the tree and jump onto the wire that runs over to the cavern wall. This will allow you to jump to some vines that run around the corner of the cavern, leading to a small platform. 

Drop onto the platform, and across a small gap to another set of vines. This set will lead you to another small alcove in the wall. Follow the short tunnel down, and climb up the ruins on the right to gain access to another room with two ladders leading down and to another section of the area. Jump to the platforms along the left wall, using the beast’s head to leap across the gap (you’ll need to wait for it to slam its head into the hole) and continue to the adjacent room. In the next room, you’ll need to jump to a chain, and climb up it. Balance across the beam at the top, and then leap up into the nearby exit on your left. 

This leads to another room. Head out the door furthest away to gain access to another beam, which leads over to a cage elevator. Hop in and wait for the Trico below to attack and knock the elevator down.

It will mess with you for a few moments, before finally growing bored and running off. There’s nothing to do now but wait.

Escape the Cage

After several moments of wait a black screen will fade in, and then a cut scene will play. After the cut scene, Trico will be in the room with you, having dug a hole in the wall of the cavern.

You’ll need your feathered friend’s help if you wish to escape the cage, so make your way towards the elevator pad beyond where the hostile Trico was sleeping earlier in the game. As you near it, the ground will crumble, throwing your further down. Once you land, just keep trying to go forward as much as possible. This will lead you right to where you need to be, which is the platform where you rode the first elevator up.

To actually escape the cage, you will need to roll it onto the lit-up pad to the right. When it gets into place, it will open, releasing you and an armored statue’s hat.

Feed Trico

Now it’s time to feed Trico once more. Grab the armored statue’s head from under the cage you just escaped, and climb into the working elevator right beside you. Use the head to activate the statue below you, and then avoid it and grab the barrel behind where it was before it activated. Carry the barrel up to Trico, and then once your companion is ready to go, climb on its back and ride it all the way back up to the top and out of the cavern. This will complete this section of the game, allowing you to move on and continue your journey towards the blue tower.

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