It isn’t enough that we’ve already gotten the original Gran Turismo 5, or the fact that Sony released an XL Edition that included additional downloadable content and game updates.  Nope, racing enthusiasts need more, and this fall, it looks like they’re going to get it.

Sony has confirmed that it’s working with the game’s developer, Polyphony Digital, on a special new Academy Edition of the game.  The game will include all the special downloadable content packs that have been released since it first arrived in 2010, complete with a new event where you can race around in creative lead Kazunori Yamauchi’s famed Nissan GTR, the same one he drove around in during the Nurburgring 24-hour event.  The car’s pretty much priceless in the real world, so embrace this opportunity within the game.

More details are expected to be unveiled about the game soon.  In the meantime, it’s slated to hit Europe on September 26 for a price around $30, and a US release should be detailed sometime soon.  So if you REALLY like your Gran Turismo, well, this is the ultimate edition.  No, really.  They’re serious this time.