Far Cry 4 may be less than a month away, but November 18 sure does seem like a long time to wait before getting our hands on Pagan Min.

Lucky for all of us, Ubisoft is pretty much the industry leader when it comes to cranking out epic trailers to get gamers amped up, and today was no different with the release of Midlands and Himalayas.

Random Fact: Troy Baker, the voice of Joel in The Last of Us, will be the voice behind the game's primary antagonist, Pagan Min.

With a mix of gameplay and cinematic footage, today's trailer shows off some of the game's villains, as well as a few environmental threats that players are going to have to be on the lookout for. Whether it's ravenous wolves and tigers, or falling off a snow covered mountain peak, Far Cry 4 is full of things that can kill you.

What, you don't believe us? Have a look for yourself.